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  • A Dark Marriage. (Kylo Ren X Reader)
    734K 21.9K 47

    Formally named, Married to the Dark. The reader is suddenly engaged to the mysterious man she knows only as Kylo Ren. As their relationship grows their story unfolds. Will your life with Kylo Ren end in tragedy? Or will you fall in the deepest of loves? My first and original fanfic on Wattpad. Basically what got me in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Bird (Kylo Ren x Reader AU)
    592K 11.5K 46

    !!PLEASE READ WARNINGS BEFORE READING!! You are a new Handmaid, your first assignment is at the home of Commander Kylo Ren. His Wife hates you. And you wished he did, too. It'd make it much easier to ignore the way he looks at you, the way he speaks to you, when she isn't there. But the hardest thing to ignore is the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Billionnaire's Ex-wife (Knight family book#1)
    40.1M 1.3M 68

    "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE." He yelled glaring at me. I couldn't help my tears. Why is he doing this? "Honey, Hunter please listen-" I started but he just cut me off. "DON'T CALL ME THAT." He said taking a threatening steps toward me. "You are so good." He said grabbing my arm harshly. I lowered my gaze. "I gave...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Affairs (Loki X Reader X Thor)
    241K 7.5K 30

    You grew up in the kingdom of Asgard at Thor and Loki's sides. You were their best friend, and their eventual love interest. What will you do when you're forced to choose? HIGHEST RANKS: #37 in Xreader #539 in Drama #73 in Thor #2 in ThorXReader #1 in LokiXReader #13 in Lemon

  • The Secret ~A Kylo Ren X Reader Story~
    393K 12.4K 47

    //~Part 1 of the Shattered Secret Dyad~\\ ---------- "It's the secrets that we keep that seem to destroy the world around us," I say, hoping my fear was well hidden. "Says the girl who kept a secret from me for six years," Ren snarls back. --------- You were small when you first met Ben Solo, the boy with the Dark hai...