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    ┆An Original Story┆ 𝐀 tale centering on a futuristic civilization set in the year 2630; all of humanity is now inhabiting a desolate island shrouded by walls as their only protection from the blood-thirsty alien clan that shifted into their realm 600 years prior with no spelled intent aside from manslaughter. With...

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    This is the Tiger Awards. We are currently judging. No more contestants can join. It's a shame I couldn't have more. Maybe next year I'll do something better.

  • Diamond Wings
    1.6K 128 19

    I never knew that betrayal would come my way...especially when it was my own blood who commited the crime. The person I love...the family I once knew...and the person who I soon will become...already fighting for their own beliefs. A science-fantasy story of love, betrayal, action, adventure, mystery and suspense...