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  • All They Told Me Was Just Give Up
    5.8K 99 22

    Elise and Austin are happily engaged and their wedding date is coming up soon after Warped Tour, but that isn't the main point in this tale. Erin has begun, what seems to be, flirting with other band members on Warped. Alan is getting jealous and a little drunk. If drunken words are sober thoughts what does that make...

  • Rebel Love (Black Veil Brides) COMPLETED.
    1.6M 35.2K 47

    Jade Hart is outcasted by everyone, even her own family, when one night she thinks its the end, it turns out to be the first of the rest of her life, when Ashley Purdy finds her outside a theatre, battered and bruised. When she runs away from home, she begins to fall in love with the lead vocalist and becomes best fri...