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  • The Better Life.
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    -The connection a mother has with her children is indescribable. You can't describe it with words. Its a beautiful thing.- Eliana experiences the same feeling. She wants to improve the life of her 6 year old son. So she travels to the 'Land of Opportunity', also known as The United States of America. But who said th...

  • Forbidden.
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    "Life is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs and times where you feel sick but the important thing is to have fun, and a hell of a ride." I thought falling in love was stereotypical. Until it happened to me.

  • Jokes, quotes, insults, and more
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    I promise that you will laugh, smile, and maybe even pee your self a little. I don't take any credit for the jokes in this book I have either read, heard, or seen these jokes and simply wrote them down.

  • Betrayed but not forgotten.
    15.6K 258 5

    Percy Jackson is left alone when Annabeth leaves him, fortunately Zeus cheats on Hera leaving her heart broken. The two meet and it is the start of a lovely new friendship maybe more. Will Hera fall in love with the Hero of Olympus? DISCLAIMER: All rights go to Rick Riordan and I do not own Percy Jackson or the charac...

  • Two Universes: The Queen's Champion
    15K 302 2

    Oh no! Percy, Artemis, Zoe, Phoebe, Chloe, Thalia, Nico, Jason, Piper, Apollo, Reyna, Clarisse, Luke, and more been thrown back in time. They don't know how they were thrown back in time, but they are going to find out. They also don't know how to get back to their time! Now they have to team up with the past gods to...

  • Everlasting Promises
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    Percy, betrayed by who he thought was his soul mate, takes a daring act and sears himself by the oldest Primordial. Now, he has to deal with the consequences, both good and bad.

  • Some Pothena Moments
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    The title already tells you, but this will be Pothena moments. All kind of things. Spiders will be involved, just like rendez-vous at the beach, owls, horses and others. Just because I love this pairing.Might have some kisses in it, but that's pretty much it.(not mine)