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  • Insanely Awesome Marvel Facts You Most Likely Didn't Know
    256K 9.4K 66

    Ever watched Marvel, read comics, seen movies? I'm sure you have. But do you know the secrets they have, what characters are based off of, or the people who tried to but marvel? I'm sure you don't. This book contains insanely awesome facts about marvel that you most likely didn't know. So have fun while your mind i...

  • Go Nya Go! A Ninjago Fanfic
    10.8K 262 25

    After saving the world from the threat of Morro, officially being declared as a ninja, and mastering the element of water, Nya has found that... there's nothing left to do! But when a mysterious letter is left at her doorstep, will the Descendent of Water be able to resist going on an adventure?

  • Catching Fire (Sequel to Clove's Story)
    6.1K 133 17