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  • Half Way Home: The Final Solution
    168 14 7

    *** Finalist in the Hugh Howey / Booktrack fanfic competition *** They started with 500, but their numbers are decreasing every day. Exponentially. Science Officer Brent and Medical Officer Kelley are tasked with discovering who — or what — is picking off colonists from their expeditionary settlement on the seeming E...

  • Coming of Age
    79 1 1

    The uprising is ancient history, for most. The land has not been tamed, but the colonists have carved out their own niche - a stable, if small, society. Which is all very boring for two teenagers, raised on tales of heroics and danger. What harm could a little adventure do?

  • Half Way Home: LOADED
    150 4 6

    This story is fanfiction based on Hugh Howey's Half Way Home - please also check out the Booktrack version at: LOADED follows Maxus and Rosalind - two undercover spies working to prevent the rebellion seen in Half Way Home. There will be revolution and murd...

  • World Eater
    142 1 1