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  • Within Every Step Book One The Descendant of Croozar
    91 16 10

    In a realm where magical beings and none magical are divided by a gate put there by an all-powerful Dragon to end an everlasting war. When the gate is being threatened of opening, the five Guardians must travel across the kingdom and restore the damage before it's too late. However, one of them isn't what they appear...

  • The Rose Of Flames
    149 9 12

    A young lady, going by many names, is not your average girl. She knows how to kick ass, hack her way through life, and fight bad guys left and right. Need a break? HA! In your dreams, not when gangs know your every move. Sit back and take in the action! NOTE: This story is heavily inspired by Overwatch, The 39 Clues...

  • Magicals
    389 51 18

    Fin thinks she's a normal kid. She doesn't want Magic. Magic has been long forbidden in the kingdom of Espera, where she lives. However, she finds out a dreaded secret about her kingdom- and herself, that forces her out of her normal pattern and into a whole new life. One she might not be able to survive.

  • The Fog of Airyll COMPLETE
    678 121 27

    It doesn't matter how long you've known a person... trusting someone always feels a bit like taking a leap in the dark. And she's so tired of the dark... Nephelle's life feels like a blank page - she only knows two things: her own name and the fact that it was a miracle she was still alive. She was about to give up on...