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  • He She It
    468K 33.6K 31

    Lilly Martin is not model-material, but Adam Hiller is, and it turns out he likes to wear dresses when nobody's looking, and is in fact not a 'he' at all. When their school announces a fashion designing competition, Lilly decides to kill two (or three) birds with one stone and: 1) Win the fashion competition by making...

  • Up in the Air
    2.7M 78.4K 35

    "How do you choose from three kinds of perfect?" * * * * * Most people know me as the smartest girl in school but my real name is Sara Preston. My life changed when I wore a dress with more sparkle than a disco ball The football captain who was my childhood best friend. An Honors student with the most amazin...

  • Love, Anonymous
    2.7K 191 12

    Harold Johnson has always been a jealous husband. One morning Merry, his wife, receives a bouquet of roses and a romantic poem. How does he react? Is she really cheating on him? Who sends the roses and why? Love, Anonymous is a short story about how people's temper and quick judgment might lead to situations never ima...

  • Wearing Her Shoes
    5K 376 40

    What happens when you buy a new pair of shoes? Sometimes you find them a bit too tight, and it takes some time to adjust. What if you wear someone else's shoes? Will you ever adjust? They have a different size after all... Similarly, you can manage a little change in your life, but can you manage replacing it with som...

  • Jeff The Killer's RANT Book !
    623 55 9

    Hey guys , i'm Jeff and this is basically my rant book where *surprise* i rant and shit .

  • The Fault in our Stars: A Sequel
    2M 45.7K 25

    //This is not The Fault in our Stars by John Green, it is a fanfiction. All copyright belongs to John Green and the Penguin Young Readers Group. This book contains spoilers// (Although I was the FIRST to write a fanfiction with this idea, I do not own the idea) Hazel Grace Lancaster has been mourning after the death o...

  • Growing up (MWL's sequel)✔️
    24.2M 798K 47

    "I want to grow up" Did you say it when you were a kid? I know I did. Have you regretted growing up at some point in your life? Have you wished you could be a careless child once again? I know you have. Everyone has. The more you grow the bigger the challenges, the obstacles, the pain. Life gets serious. You get seri...

  • Forever Meow
    412 20 6

    This story tells about a stray cat... This story will be told through the eyes of the cat himself... I hope you like it, Mida

  • Gravity falls theory's and secrets :)
    1.6K 32 18

    God damn. Gravity falls is over. If your watching the series for the first time and have some theories, have fun. Thank you for getting my first story to be the first to get to 1k reads! I love you all

  • Little things ( a one direction fanfiction )
    1.8K 41 32

    Talia is Louis Tomlinson's best childhood friend . They share beautiful memories and begin to develop strong emotions towards each other . But alas , Louis falls victim to a terrible disease that might take his life away . Could this be the end of their relationship ? Will Louis ever recover ? And if he does , will hi...

  • Connecting the Dots
    1.9K 57 11

    Sequel to The Ruins // Mabel and Dipper are separated, have lives and of course still connected. They decided to break their bond and reunite somewhere in the future, bringing themselves to success and popularity. That is, until Mabel dies. Dipper now takes custody of Mabel's three daughters, Wallis, Laris, and Ella...

  • The Golden Couple
    12.8M 335K 72

    Sophie and Bryce are known as "the golden couple" at their high school, but everything changes for them when Bryce is diagnosed with cancer. ***** Sophie Allen, a straight "A" student, and Bryce Harrison, the school's star baseball pitcher, have bee...

  • مجموعة شعرية
    3.5K 64 14

    مجموعة قصائد من دواوين الشاعر لامع الحرّ .

  • Random Things I Love
    492 16 5

    This book is about the random things and people I love and things I love to do. This book was made by the help of some of my friends. I hope you like my second book. If you want to read my first book, you could just type in Forever Meow and click on the book that has the picture of a cat surrounded by a pair of slippe...

  • Love in the Château ( Harry Styles x Ariana Grande)
    4.6K 205 16

    Ariana is forced to spend her only vacation of the year with her great grand-ma who lives in Château Rousselle , located in remote area of France . Although the castle is big and fancy , Ariana finds herself very lonely with no one of her age to keep her company. However , that changes when an unexpected visitor arri...

  • I said I Love You ✔️
    773K 27.4K 5

    (Based on a True Story) I'm Caroline. I'm here to share with you my love story. Hopefully, you will enjoy it.

  • Wesley The Teenage Witch - Sabrina's Daughter
    5.7K 77 3

    Wesley Kinkle is quarter witch, she just doesn't know it yet. Her parents Harvey and Sabrina are unsure of what this means for her. Just before her sixteenth birthday they move back to Westbridge. From this day, Wesley's life will never be the same again...

  • The Ruins
    31.3K 356 25

    Mabel and Dipper Pines. Usually you think, "Oh, they're so cute! These twins are adorable!!" but Mabel and Dipper share a relationship bigger than just twins. When Dipper and Mabel find out about Bill and Stan's old rivalry, they set out on a mystery search. Gideon gets between them and tears them apart. Dipper falls...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gravity Falls: A Little Moment (Minor Pinecest)
    3.9K 91 1

    In the middle of the night, Mabel wakes up to find Dipper depressed about the breakup between Robbie and Wendy. So, its up to big sister Mabel to make him feel better again. Takes place a day after the episode Boyz Crazy. WARNING: Hints of Pinecest!

  • The Endsville Chronicles
    897 32 5

    (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) It's 1994, and Billy and Mandy are starting seventh grade. There are a few developments, though. Billy is suddenly class heartthrob (but still dumb as a rock). Mandy's will is colliding with her hormones (but she's as evil as ever). And Grim? He can barely believe these pubesce...

  • One More Hour (Niall Horan Fanfic)
    2K 53 7

    She got into an accident and now Niall is devastated. No one knows what to do except just mope around and wait till she awakens again. IF she awakens again......

  • How To Write A Good 1D Fan Fiction
    66K 1.8K 9

    How To Write A Good 1D Fan Fiction: Tips on how to write a good(maybe even great) One Direction fan fiction. Since, a lot of you have been asking for tips - I made a book so everyone can read and improve. Hope this helps!

  • A Slender Chance
    255K 7.6K 23

    When Sky Steele met Mr. tall, dark, and dangerous in the woods one day, she knew she was dead. So why was she still alive? "You interest me," he told her. But why? And Sky just can't figure out why she's just as interested in him too. [A Slender man Fanfic]

  • Recreating Kasey Taylor
    2.5M 82K 31

    Completed. Kasey Taylor is a Senior Elite Cheerleader. She's been cheering competitively since she could walk and she's finally worked her way up to the top. She's good, one of the best on the team, and she knows it. With her blonde hair and big bows, she's one of her gym's top cheerleaders. And she had the attitude t...

  • Learning to Dance in the Rain
    4.7M 127K 57

    Completed. Holly Gardener grew up with four brothers, and more recently a single dad. So being a competitive dancer, and National Junior Dancer of the Year at the age of 12, isn't always easy for her. So when her family life starts to fall apart, her world comes crumbling down around her, her only escape being dance...

  • King Solomon's Wives: Hunted
    279K 4.4K 14

    The two thousand descendants of King Solomon’s ancient harem have the ultimate power of seduction: Their very touch is as addictive as any drug. But that power comes at a price: Wives die giving birth. They can only bear daughters. They are only fertile until the age of twenty-four. Hunted for hundreds of generations...

  • Turn Back Time - Sequel to SEPOYH [H.S]
    1.8M 27.6K 59

    (Please read the first book, Stealing Every Piece of Your Heart before this one!) Ali and Harry spent months apart and in pain. Harry depressed and yearning to be with Ali again, but management along with not knowing where she's at was stopping him. Though, two people know where she's at... In fact, she's living with...

  • Tidal Waves. (UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION.) Formerly known as SEPOYH.
    4.3M 33.8K 80

    This novel is currently under construction. The once Harry Styles fan fiction novel, Stealing Every Piece of Your Heart, is in the process of becoming a regular teen fiction novel titled, Tidal Waves. So a warning to any new readers, reading this now probably won't make much sense. Please check back when it's finished...

  • Different (forever unfinished)
    3.4K 368 8

    Alexandra Fintry is your ordinary weird teenager that isn't exactly like everyone else. She moves into a new town her senior year with her best friends, imagine how happy she is. She seems perfect; friends, popularity, and a loving family. But everyone has a secret maybe even a tragedy. But hers is killing her inside...

  • Unwelcome
    5.1K 293 13

    Lisa is a very organized, typical city girl. Life in her New York, apartment has been pretty calm and uneventful for the past year since she broke up with Joey, her boyfriend for over 2 years. But when Lisa finds herself falling for a shy, but adorable boy named Shane, Joey's erratic decisions to try to win her back m...