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  • The Pirate Girl
    205K 5.7K 31

    The time is present day. Lilo Stewart lives in a seaside town off the coast of Florida, and her whole town is buzzing about the news-there is said to be old fashioned pirates sailing the sea, that seem to have no idea that the time of pirates is long over. Lilo doesn't think of this as a threat, that is, until she i...

  • The Princess of Pirates
    1.3M 21.5K 18

    Princess Nerina of Caspian is a troubled girl dreaming of adventures on the great blue sea. She is always trying her hardest to disobey her mother, who wants her as far away from the ocean as possible for reasons that are unknown to everyone except the King and Queen of Caspian. Nerina's parents cause to possibl...

  • Aquarina(mermaid graphic done by Jihan B. Jackson)
    1.2M 27.2K 25

    (Sample): I opened my eyes, waiting for the transformation to happen. Less than three seconds later, the change occurred. The transformation never ceased to amaze me and as I watched it, I remembered the times when the water was salty instead of clean, house water. Oh yeah, you still don't know who I am. Well, I'll...

  • Secret Wings
    9.1M 298K 46

    Hailey always thought she had a pretty ordinary life. The only thing that could be called unusual in her life was that her mother had disappeared into thin air not long after Hailey's birth. Soon, though, her mother is not the most important thing on the young girl's mind as she discovers a hidden side of herself and...