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  • Cursed By Magic
    190K 8.1K 60

    400 years ago, during the dragon civil war, a choice was made. A betrayal that would cost a side their mere existence. It is said that among the chaos of dragons battling dragons, a demented Celestial Wizard created the most feared being the world has ever seen. That being was the black dragon, otherwise known as Acno...

  • The Dragon Empress (Natsu x Reader)
    198K 5.4K 36

    ON HOLD!!!!! I REPEAT!! THIS STORY IS ON HOLD!! SO I DONT WANT TO BE GETTING COMMENTS TO UPDATE.. I APPRECIATE THAT YOU LIKE THE STORY.. ITS JUST DONT WANT TO UPDATE SOON.. The Dragon Empress is the strongest dragon slayer of all of history. She locks it away for she already experienced the consequences for when she d...

  • New Singing Member. Gray X Reader X Natsu
    202K 5.9K 22

    A new member of Fairy Tail! Everything went well but 2 guys fighting over you and a girl wanting to hit you....? Ya... Not so great after all. Hope you make it! :P Gray X Reader X Natsu COMPLETE

  • Realization: A NaLu Story
    73.8K 1.9K 13

    *This is the first book of my series, "The Keys of the Goddesses" When Natsu and Lucy take a job to retrieve the pendant of Skyreed, Lucy learns that the reward includes the key of the leader of the goddesses, Aphrodite. She is determined to obtain the five keys of the goddesses and become a Celestial Priestess. When...

  • Best Friend [Natsu x Reader] (ON HOLD)
    179K 5.7K 18

    [Natsu x Reader] - (Y/N) is an elemental dragon slayer, which means she controls all the 4 main elements - water, fire, earth and air. But there's one problem - she can't properly control her power/magic. Sometimes it backfires. (Y/N) has always been an orphan ever since she could remember. At age 5, she was found by...

  • Tell Me That You Love Me
    241K 6.9K 37

    While they were on a mission, an unexpected turn of events happened. Lisanna returned from Edolas. Everyone started focusing their attention on their long lost friend instead of Lucy. She felt cold and lonely. Little did they know, Lisanna harboured evil intents. She loved Natsu and would do anything to...

  • Fairytail fanfic 1 : The Tale of the Celestial Queen (nalu)
    205K 5.1K 36

    When you trust someone, it hurts to know they betray you. That is why I stopped trusting clients who give requests, because my first one hurt me really bad. I survive because there was one person I can always rely on, that is my number one friend, Natsu Dragneel. I was in a lot of danger, and so were my friends, but t...

  • Fairytail fanfic 2: Hatred all over again (nalu)
    137K 3.4K 33

    When things began to patch up, two people decided to barge into my life. MEET Lisanna, girl who is obsessed with my best friend, and MEET Sting, boy who is obsessed with me. Oh yeah, did I mention? Meet evil, the force that magically glues the puzzle pieces in my life. Oh well, things can change again when you're the...

  • Fairytail Fanfic 3: Smile again, please (Nalu)
    69.3K 1.5K 19

    She changed. She wasn't the Lucy I knew anymore. Lucy would smile cheerfully no matter the event...but now, she's like a fragile glass statue that fears anything and everything. She knew the consequences. She left without any goodbye. No one knew what she was doing that time, and it changed her. All I have left of her...

  • Fairytail Fanfic 4: A new life (Nalu)
    64.5K 1.7K 22

    A new life. A new beginning. Am I willing to start all over again in a different place, or is it possible for me to return? I'm alone. I have no one. They are all different, while my real friends are somewhere else. If I had one wish, I would want to return. Return where home is. The place where I, Lucy Heartfillia...

  • The revenge of Lucy Heartfilia
    387K 10.1K 48

    When Lisanna comes back Lucy becomes invisible to everyone in Fairy Tail. Then Natsu kicks Lucy off of the team so that Lisanna can join. She then decides to leave Fairy Tail. When she returns things are very different. What will happen next? Read to find out! My first Fan fiction so please comment and let me know w...

  • ♛ Fairy Tail High [NaLu FanFic] ♚
    959K 21K 53

    In Fairy Tail... People in there are mages/wizards... All they do is fighting, but what if... What if Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza and the others live as normal people? What if they have discovered something mysterious? And what if this MYSTERY changed their lives? Keep reading to find out! Warning: please don't read if yo...

  • Let the Rain Fall (Gale, Nalu, Jerza )
    847K 26.3K 42

    A Delinquent and a Bookworm. A Teacher and a Student. A Boy with an Unforgettable Past and Girl with no Past. This is not a simple love story. Each couple will face sadness, anger, grief that will follow up to their love. People think love is so easy? Well, not in this story. A NatsuxLucy, JellalxErza, and a Gajeelx...

  • A Dragon's Burning Love [ Fairy Tail NaLu Fan Fiction <3 <3]
    1.5M 43.6K 27

    We've all known Lucy as the Celestial Wizard. But what if her parents hid a deep and dark secret from her, something that changes her life. And as feelings begin to develop, evil begins to rise again, and a new kind of evil that no one has ever faced. NaLu Fan Fiction!!!! <3 <3 <3