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  • dyslexia ☹ m.c.
    1.5M 91.4K 13

    "it's okay, sometimes i get confused between the letters 'p' an 'b', it's nothing." "no, you- it's, you don't understand. it's different." // watch the amazing trailer made by arianataylor2939 on the side // [highest rankings: #2 in short story + #11 in fanfiction]

  • different ▸ m.c.
    1.6M 70.5K 33

    She knew there was something off about Michael from the moment she met him. [unedited]

  • WALLS {mc}
    5M 138K 42

    maddie was his lighthouse. two stubborn teenagers meet unexpectedly. it was a love that was meant to last through ages. it could take on any season, any obstacle, at any age.

  • sex addicts [michael clifford]
    9.9M 231K 46

    they met at therapy; therapy for sex addicts. (cover by elle)