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  • Haikyuu One-Shots And Lemons
    364K 6K 64

    This is where the most weird, innocent and pure people turn dark and sweet... This is where Haikyuu turns dark and sweet... This is it. Very very slow updates, I'm soorrryyy :C

  • Attack on titan x reader one shots!!!!
    907K 18.1K 104

    DISCLAIMER: i do not own attack on titan ( shingeki no kyojin ) nor do i own you Lol Just so you know i shall take request if you lovely weirdo's have an idea I was inspired to write one so i hope you like it, I shall write lemon or plain romance If your wondering i will Also write Stories for Any Guy readers so men...

  • Attack on Titan x Reader
    118K 1.8K 18

    These are stories that I also uploaded on DeviantART so I hope you girls AND guys like these! Attack on Titan belongs to Hajime Isayama-sama, I own nothing but story plot!

  • Attack on Titan One Shots
    87.9K 3.3K 20

    This is basically where I dump all of my Reader x [Inserts Character] imaginations. I don't take any requests, and I'm pretty sure most of the doodles here are about Jean because I love Jean.

  • Modern Day One Shots (Levi X Reader)
    46.9K 1.4K 30

    This is a collection of one shots between Levi and the reader, taking place in modern day. They are all based off of songs I listen to while writing. I hope you enjoy! This is my first story on wattpad so please don't be too harsh, but constructive criticism is appreciated. I want to be a better writer! Key: e/c= eye...

  • Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin One shots
    514K 13K 38

    Just a collection of my attack on titan one shots. These are ending (probably) so the splurge of unfinished drafts will be expected soon. **REQUESTS CLOSED** *Unedited*

  • Shingeki no Kyojin one-shots
    73.3K 1.8K 44

    my new book that is a one shot reader×snk character (I take requests~)

  • One Shots for Attack on Titan
    32.3K 1.2K 13

    Cover by: XaraRaven Attack on Titan One Shot Series *Requests are open!*

  • Levi X Reader One - shots
    132K 2.4K 10

    ONE SHOTS!! ONE SHOTS EVERYWHERE!! .. I never made one shots before so im pretty excited and there will be a multiple varities of stories from one that make you cry to ones that make you get thirsty for dah D .. XD just had to XD ... anyways .....I hope you enjoy and there will be one where I am in it either as I frie...

  • Levi x Reader || One Shots And Short Stories
    430K 11.5K 36

    Heichou and you in various situations of love, both canonverse and AU. Originally, these were strictly one shots but, somewhere along the way they became a collection of short stories as well. Therefore, they will vary in size and several are ongoing "parts" to a larger story. Most of the one shots will be fluff and/o...

  • My Superior (Levi x Reader) Shingeki no Kyojin
    792K 28.2K 45

    Levi x Reader, Enjoy! --- (Y/N), fell in love with her Superior, Captain Levi Ackerman, "Humanity's most powerful soldier." She knew that it was Impossible for him to love her back, She didn't know what to do- To let him go, or to let him know. But there are some things that prevents (Y/N) to tell Levi her feelings. ...

  • Memory (Levi x Reader)
    384K 14.4K 19

    An Attack on Titan fanfic. I don't really know how to describe the story, but you'll find out. The beginning might suck but it gets waay better haha! Prepare from some major feels attacks and some minor nosebleeds!

  • Levi X Reader 〈 Alone 〉
    444K 16.2K 24

    "Please, live"

  • Childish Love (A Ciel x Reader)
    120K 3.6K 10

    You've always liked Ciel Phantomhive. But does he like you the same? Btw I don't own Ciel, or Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, or you.

  • The Demon Inside (Ciel x Reader)
    203K 7K 18

    OLD STORY SO NOT ONE OF MY BEST This is the story of you and how you come to know Ciel and Sebastian. Other characters are going to be in this story. Anyway Ciel is a demon along with Sebastian who is forever his butler, but when Ciel rescues you from danger what will happen after everything is lost? You meet a lot of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Death the kid x reader
    97.7K 3.3K 25

    It's your first day at the DWMA and you meet everyone but then you find out that you have a little crush on a little reaper.

  • So The Games Begin [Ciel x Reader x Sebastian]
    592K 19.4K 22

    Ciel x Reader x Sebastian Black Butler --------------------------------- When Elizabeth brings her best friend (You) along to her stay at the Phantomhive Manor you find yourself stuck in quite a mess. You've caught both the eye of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis. There are a few problems involved...

  • Trapped in a Dream
    39.6K 379 4

    [Stuck in Kuroshitsuji, revised and moved to a more stable plotline. Old content will be posted later on. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.] It all began with a dream. You just woke up in your dream, and decided to make the most of it until you woke up- you took in all the beautiful sights, met a few n...

  • My teasing love (Ciel x Reader)
    62.2K 1.7K 5

    You walk down the road on a snowy spring day and you meet a total jerk only to find out that you HAVE TO LIVE WITH HIM this so not going to be a peaceful season......or is it? (VERY SLIGHT LEMON)

  • Love Isn't Always Easy (Sebastian x Reader x Ciel)
    139K 4.7K 34

    Love isn't always easy, there are choices and decisions to make. It's 2014, you are best friends with a boy with an eyepatch and his butler, a demon. You turn 15 this year, and so does Ciel. You then realize now that you have grown feelings for them. But you have to make a choice. Which one? Sebastian? Ciel? Both? Or...

  • Black Bulter Fanfiction(Ciel x Reader)
    19.5K 446 12

    You star as a girl named Rose. You open your eyes, to find yourself running from a Killer. Your memory has been wiped. You run until you see a tall man and a small boy....

  • Ciel X Reader (Black Butler)
    1.6M 53K 30

    Why would someone so rich, run away from their perfect home? To get away... To get away from all the stupid people and comments they made. She ran away to get away from all that and came here, bumping into me and surprising me. Who is she and why is she so important to me? -Ciel Phantomhive I do not own Black Butler

  • Ciel x Reader- Dreams of Who We Used To Be
    187K 8K 16

    During the day, you're a 13 year old street preformer, trying to earn enough money to keep your six year old brother alive. But when the sunsets, you become a skilled assassin that has never been doubted as the best. And you've got your next target. Ciel Phantomhive.