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    Bianca Thompson hasn't stepped foot in New York since the fall of 1990, after witnessing the death of Nate Jones - and has been living in the sunshine of Los Angeles for the last four years. Dalvin DeGrate is enjoying his fame and reputation as a member of one of the biggest R&B groups in the world, along with being a...

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    In May of 1990, Bianca Thompson's life is simple - go to school, go to work, and go home. Then, she wakes up and does it all over again. But, when she graduates high school and reluctantly moves from Houston to New York to live with her Aunt and her boyfriend, she ends up having a summer she will never forget. cover b...

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  • Hidden Valley
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    Hidden Valley, not the salad dressing but the small neighborhood on the east side of Charolette, North Carolina. Home of future greatness and all of their sins. Hidden Valley, maybe it should have stayed hidden for a reason. Once you're gone, you almost never feel the urge to go back. Unless you're going back for him.

  • I'm still waiting
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    "Now will you forgive me for all the wrong I've done and will we sustain through the test of time." Cecelia is a smart teenaged girl living in the city of Charlotte and she meets a guy who turns her world up side down~ lia?

  • When You Get Back
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    star-crossed lovers definition Lovers whose relationship is doomed to fail are said to be "star-crossed" (frustrated by the stars). *Devante Swing is not abusive/mentally ill/on meds in this story. If you like that personification of him this prolly ain't the story for you but if you don't keep reading.

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  • A Girl Like You // D. Swing
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    Copyright © 2018 by OfficiallyJayx All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. ** No description, simply because I suck at them. But I promi...

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    Eighteen. That magical age where everyone is stuck in the middle. Where you're not a boy, but not quite a man - where you're not a girl, yet not a woman. You never know what you want at that age. But Ashley Hailey knows exactly what she wants, and it's definitely not the weird boy that sleeps on her cousin's couch.