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  • 31 Days to Die
    114K 4.3K 27

    "Ano naman sa'yo kung mamatay ako? Gusto mo 'kong pigilan? Okay. Maglaro tayo. 31 days. You have exactly one month para hanapin ako. Find out who I really am. And then try to stop me. Kung kaya mo." --Dead Girl Nico Richter likes to think of himself as an easy-going person who doesn't care about the world. Pero nang m...

    1.1M 74.5K 68

    Love...does it really conquer all?

  • Men in Love 4: The Long-Lost Love
    13K 315 10

    They parted ways because of all those wrong reasons. Now, they crossed paths again...with the unwanted intentions. Is it finding out again a lost love, or opening wounds of hate?

  • Maria
    26.1K 381 5

    "I knew it... fucking hell."

  • Playing For Keeps (Book 2 & 3)
    755K 6.9K 40

    Two people. One plan. A twist of fate. A not-so-typical modern day fairytale that can happen to two people when they think that they've got it all planned out. On the outside, Alex Lizares seems like the prototype of a bad boy – reckless, egocentric, and roguish. Bequeathed with amazing looks and incredible sex appea...