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  • Truth/Dare the Varia: Fran's Video Diary
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    Fran:*straight face and is holding camera in front of face* Hiii~ Welcome to the Varia! Since BullshitCandy hasn't found anything about this before, she has decided to do a dare book for the Varia! She will try to help appease all the fangirls out there so hold on tight! Bel:*from a distance* Frog brat... Who the hell...

  • The Encounter - TsunaxHibari (yaoi)
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    Hibari is a loner that hates crowds and won't hesitate to fight, but he loves small animals, Which leads him to the only one in school who resembles one....Sawada Tsunayoshi! At first he wanted to battle Tsuna because Reborn told him to but, he changes his mind...