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  • masterpiece ✧ hemmings (on hold)
    40.1K 2.5K 25

    ❝Your paintings are amazing, but Luke, you're the best kind of art there is.❞ There are three facts about Luke: one, Luke can't speak. It's been that way since he got involved in a car accident thirteen years ago. Two, he has the biggest crush on the most popular girl in school. And three, he can't verbally describe h...

  • arabella [on hold]
    241K 8.7K 15

    "tell me if it hurts okay?" — "oh trust me, it'll hurt you more than it'll hurt me." © wastelxnds

  • coffee stains | l.h.
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    show me what love's all about.

  • laconic ↦ luke hemmings {au}
    145K 6.3K 11

    COMPLETED | MINI-SEQUEL TO PLACID | Silence won't save you.