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  • Harry Potter: Raised By Roses
    748K 28.9K 88

    What would happen if someone rescued Harry from the Dursley's when he was four? What if those people gave him two loving siblings? And what if those people were not from England and used an entirely different type of magic? What happens when a confident, smart, and brave Harry come to Hogwarts with his two siblings? W...

  • The Last Peverell
    1.1M 57.6K 112

    Being the Master of Death made life difficult, especially when you need to save all of magical Europe from inbreeding its way to extinction. At least Death was enjoying watching his Master attempt this over and over again. Harry didn't find it nearly as entertaining. Well, tenth times the charm right? (FemHarry) Origi...

  • Avenger's Brother
    2.4M 78K 104

    Harry Potter wants a new start and as the newly titled Master of Death, he thinks he deserves it. Taking Teddy, he settled down in New York and opened a cafe. Life is full of twists and turns. A good many are un expected. To several new brothers and new friends who happen to be superheroes. Harry's life just took a...

  • Isn't It Confusing? | HP | NEXT GEN TIME-TRAVEL AU ✔
    36.1K 1.3K 35

    [COMPLETED] [CRACK-FIC HUMOUR] In which James Sirius Potter and Fred Arthur Weasley II discover a time turner, to try and help Tom Marvolo Riddle II loosen up. It's just a fun little time travelling journey, with our family and friends, what could possibly go wrong? "I'm going to name my cat, Missy!" "What a cute name...

  • Lady Mortem || Harry Potter Fanfiction
    841K 30.7K 54

    "What the hell, Riddle?!"-S.L.P "Love is a useless emotion. It makes you weak. But I don't mind feeling that fucking emotion if it's you."- T.M.R _________________ She has many name. Many lives. She's a Mortem. Also known as Death's Heir. Once she was known as The Mysterious Hogwarts Founder. She was also known a...

  • Time Travel? Really!
    657K 21.9K 42

    Rose Potter, trouble-magnet extraordinaire, finds herself waking up in the past after an accident with a time turner. Deciding to do what Dumbledore should have, Rose decides to fix the timeline seeing as she's stuck. Everyone had better watch out, because this Rose Potter isn't what they were expecting - at all. Fem...