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    Cale closed his eyes gently. I seize White Star and re-sealed the Sealed God. After that. "It's a hunter's family." 《The family of the hunters. They hunt single-lifer humans.》 And then. "Let's catch these guys and rest." Cale thought quietly. Now I have money. There is a reliable sword. There's a house and a villa. Th...

  • Love In Palace || End S1✔|| TOTCF Fic || English
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    Cale Henituse, the omega known for his beauty that closely resembled his late mother, had always been avoided by his own father. One day when he was ten years old, King Zed Crossman ordered him to be the fiancé of First Prince Alberu Crossman, Prince Alfa who was neglected by the king. "Hyung, I heard you will know...

  • Moon's Light
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    "Child." "Let's make a deal." The next thing he knew...he shrunk! And wait, I have a baby brother!? This baby brother of mine seems weird (In which Cale did not transmigrate in the body of Kim Rok Soo but only regressed instead. And Rok Soo got reincarnated as his brother.)

  • Differences
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  • His villain
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    He never expected to fall in love. Yet there he stood hopeless. Seeing the man smile. Thats all he wanted. Maybe.. just maybe love does melt a cold heart.

  • Death's Child is that Trash!?
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    Unfortunately, Jour Thames was infertile for her marriage with Deruth Henituse. The God of Death took pity of the descendant of the Thames family, a family he had watched for quite a while. He remembered about the father's in the realm of death, talking about their children and grandchildren happily, as if they weren'...

  • Apple Pies & Cookies
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    "Beautiful." An emotionless voice said slowly in the middle of screams. Reddish-brown eyes observed the burning world and continued. "It's really beautiful." He thought while staring at the red world. 'Colours are really beautiful. Especially red.'

  • Black Rose
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    If he had known his dream would lead to this end. He doesn't want it. The scarifies that were made. The feeling of loss that revolved around him. Cale will get his revenge. From a hero who would never be seen again. To a hero who ascended as an entity. From a hero who wished to be a rich slacker To a hero who wis...

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  • Triplets point of view
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    "You die, I die. You live, I live. That's how it goes, isn't it." White star smiled as Cale stood in front of him with the world tree branch. "If that is the only way to protect these people, so be it." Cale smiled as he stabbed his heart with the branch. "You're really selfish huh." White star laughed at the man i...

  • Fate
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    Two souls came across each other in a rainy day. Thats how the story begins :) AlbeCale

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  • The End
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    Villian KRS!Cale Au It doesn't take him a minute to create hundreds of plans to defeat his enemy. His power grew uncontrollably. A man nobody could ever predict. How could the gods let him loose? Innocent as he maybe. Cale Henituse was a cunning man. His scammer mindset and the wrath he showed his enemy. Nobody knew w...

  • Cale's fatherhood journey
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    Cale finds few months old twin babies. However, creates a misunderstanding about them. With everybody away on a luxurious world tour sponsored by Cale. How will Cale raised these twins? And how will he solve the misunderstanding he unconsciously created? (The twins are reincarnation of somebody Cale knows 👀)

  • Red string
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    The two are soulmates, your honor

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  • The entertainment that lies within the character's reaction
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    5 parts of the reaction - reaction to past and future chapter 1 to 776 - reaction to alternative realities - reaction to wiki - reaction to comments - question and answers. Crosspost A03 Sleepycale

  • Blue rose
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    Humans are selfish creatures. They don't realize that their greed for their own happiness could hurt the other party deeply. Cale's group got an offer from the god. "Do you want to see how much Cale Henituse loves and cares about you?" Their stoic young master's emotions could not be easily read. They had insecurit...

  • Undercover
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    White star and Sealed god have been defeated. The group thinks Cale is enjoying his slacker life without causing trouble for the past 2 years. Raon found video recording, as they watch them, Cale wore a ring which disguised him as a women. ?! He acts as an stripper in the club?! Who were the boys around him?! What...

  • Doomed? or will they survive?
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    Starts with Sealed god test (last chapters) then we go downwards lol Warning: Ships are included. Meaning has BL I just want Calebab, Dodam and little Alberu reaction T-T The reaction is mine. But the bold story and characters they are reacting to belongs to Trash of the count's family by Yoo Ryeo Han. The summerie...

  • TOTCF 633+
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    I'm not the author of the book....just an avid fan translating the chap where the wuxia world stops translating.... Please be reminded that English is not my first language and this is just an mtl that I edit a little bit so be prepared for wrong grammar, confusing sentences, and whatever error you may encounter and s...

  • Seorang Penyelamat Tanpa Waktu (Fanfic TCF Terjemahan)
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    Taktik Dewa Tersegel berhasil menghancurkan Harapan Cale Henituse. Namun, kekuatan keputusasaan tidak datang dari luar tetapi dari dalam dirinya. Dia mengira Dewa Keputusasaan tidak memiliki kekuatan di luar ilusi. Dia lupa bahwa bagian dalam kuil adalah alam para dewa. Apa pun dan semua yang ada di dalam kuil ini ada...