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  • The Sea Stone(Dragon Saga Book 2)
    32.1K 889 6

    All Suzume wanted was to get back to her old life, one where she was waited on hand and foot and her sharp wit and beauty were appreciated. Instead, she stuck with Kaito, an handsome, arrogant dragon who lives to torment her. Together they are bound by fate to find the artifacts left behind by the priestess Kazue. Alo...

  • When Darkness Arrives (Previously called "Beauty's Melody")
    19.5K 640 7

    PREVIOUSLY CALLED "BEAUTY'S MELODY" "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." ~Martin Luther King Jr. ~~~~~ In the beginning, there was a boy. A girl. And a beast. For years, legends rumor that there is a beast roaming in the Péige Forest near a...

  • Eutopia (First version)
    42.4K 2.2K 29

    ‘You knew, all this time, you knew and you never told me.’ ‘Yes,’ he bowed his dark head, black hair dishevelled as it fell into his eyes that were beginning to shed their own tears. ‘I wanted to protect you. I thought if you never knew then this could never happen. I’m so sorry, please forgive me?’ ‘There’s nothing t...

  • Great Sinner Queen [Death and the Maiden, #2]
    133K 9.1K 31

    The Bride of Death returns in the sequel to Little Saint Bride... HECATE'S CURSE IS LOOMING. Nerissa has been reunited with Nathaniel, her brother, but at a cost: Mercer has been taken captive by Hecate, her nemesis, and solving the mysteries of Nate's death has revealed a huge secret regarding the twins. SPRING HAS...

  • Heath | Wattys 2017
    320K 18K 8

    A beat of a second passed before he slowly pulled away from me, the suffocating heat withdrawing with him as he straightened up. My eyes lifted to meet his as he released his hold on my knife, and I flicked my wrist, flipping it with ease so my hands closed around its smooth, still-warm handle. The room was silent. Th...