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    It hurts me to think that maybe, in the slightest chance, if Larry is real, they can't be themselves. They are genuinely in love and if your too blind to see the way they look at each other, then that's your loss. The day Larry comes out, is the day they are finally happy. But if they can't be together, what will that...

  • 99 Days Without You.
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    Louis loses Harry. Louis feels as if he can't go on, but tries to stay strong for the boys... and Harry. Knowing that Harry is actually gone, he slips into depression. But, 99 days after Harry's death, Louis knows it's time to join him. - WARNING: Do not read if you are uncomfortable with self harming, suicide, etc...

  • Vibes
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    Five year old Harry has been blind since birth. He has no confidence and finds the world boring. That is, until he meets Louis – another kid, two years older than him, with difficulties. They’re polar opposites and on paper it should be a disaster in the making, but they soon find it’s not the case.