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  • Don't forget; grethan
    9.9K 454 9

    He was a sick, twisted artist and he would do anything for his beautiful piece of art.

  • Timeless; grethan
    1.7K 107 4

    Two timelines, one story.

  • Glowing Screens
    13.3K 515 23

    What happens when the camera stops rolling? What goes on behind those glowing screens when no one is watching? *TWINCEST*

  • Be My First // Grethan
    7.8K 317 1

    Ethan has never kissed anyone before. What happens when he gets asked by fans on tour who the last person he kissed was? Note: This is a one-shot. It is not a story with several chapters.

  • Touch of a Budding Rose
    1.1K 41 1

    As Ethan and Grayson get older, their desire for each other only grows with their age. Rated NC-17

  • Two of a Kind | Grethan
    19.7K 880 8

    "Ethan." Grayson whined dramatically. "What?" Ethan retorted. "Do you love me?" "I don't know, Gray." Ethan spoke in a low and rumbling tone. He did know, but was he going to tell him that? No. At least, not yet. ~ Two different boys from two different worlds; one as bright and bubbly as the sun, kind and gentle. The...

  • Staccato
    9.9K 872 25

    [COMPLETED STORY]. All's fair in love and war. But the efforts striven in the name of war translates into futility. Because the Universe states that only love transcends across space and time. Published: 12th May, 2017.

  • Entitled
    19.9K 1.1K 25

    Ethan was the one with the odd complex to observe people from afar and being away from people was how he liked it, until he was forced to be face-to-face with a reality that he hadn't known existed, or perhaps had forgotten. This will be a Grethan fic.

  • You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But...
    12.5K 552 16

    Milex High School AU, lots of feelings and fluff. Miles has moved to Sheffield because otherwise the fic wouldn't work and Alex doesn't know it yet but he's immediately enamoured.

  • Fish out of Water
    4K 239 18

    Currently taking place in 1991, Miles Kane is a writer from London who moves to California for a new start on his career. Though, there is much more in store for him! Miles meets a naive, shy mermaid named Alexander (Alex). Their slow building relationship becomes more and more close as well as intense throughout the...

  • Aviation| A Milex Fanfiction
    108K 3.7K 61

    Miles Kane hasn't spoken to Alex Turner since the Arctic Monkey's singer Had broken his heart. It's not until he finds out Alex is about to marry the daughter of a notorious New York mobster that he lets him back into his life with hopes of protecting his friend. Things, unfortunately, don't go the way he planned.

    Completed   Mature
  • Save Me | Grethan
    4.2K 234 11

    People usually say France is the country of love, but I guess Italy can do the job as well.

  • The Boy Who Never Grew Up *UNDER EDITING*
    54.3K 1.5K 22

    What happens when you finally meet the one? Having to be alone for years but finally the person you love is finally in reach? Louis Tomlinson otherwise known as Peter Pan as finally found the one hes been searching for and his name is Harry Styles. But when he brings Harry to Neverland will things go as planned or wil...

  • D.A.S.T
    182K 2.8K 11

    AU The Dog and Armed Swat Team unite to bust open one of the most active and dangerous terrorism rings in Britain. When Louis gets wounded during a bust, Harry and their team have to race against time to find out if they have a rogue cop amongst them. Please note that chapter 9 (Ambush) contains mature scenes and has...

    Completed   Mature