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  • I Met Him In A Dream
    669K 24.7K 48

    THIS ISN'T DNF!! PLS Dreams are such vivid things. Even the most false things seem real. But the warmth of his hand on mine...I can never forget. Even in my waking hours I'll remember him. The man in the mask. I only hope when I close my eyes, I can meet him again, In my dreams. This story has mature themes and may no...

  • heartache | dreamnotfound
    661K 17.7K 21

    #dnf cover art: YU1XAKII Clay has gone through the last few years of his life dealing with his toxic girlfriend JJ. He also has a lot of built up unspoken feelings about his best friend George. His weird behavior has become more noticeable as time goes on. Throughout this story Clay tries to deal with his mentally a...

  • You Look So Good In Green // DNF
    163K 3.6K 12

    Dream always visits a small, run-down café in the middle of a busy town so why would the popular boy from school go there? ~~ high school au ~~ dreamnotfound

  • Home Base
    24.5K 866 13

    Based on Teefumz art, a dsmp football au. (Also high school au, so everyone is around the same age) The whole town was excited, the news spread like a wind flash. Finally the two rival teams finally meet in a game to decide who's the best football team in town. Sbi vs Feral Boys, who will win?

  • Heat Waves
    1.3M 44.9K 12

    - the OFFICIAL upload of "Heat Waves" from AO3: posting my work here to tackle the issue of re-uploaders going against my permission to have the story on this platform. Please take down and report any other uploads, this is the only version from the REAL author (link to my twitter page for confirmation below) - cover...

    Completed   Mature
  • Operation George
    6.7K 117 21

    This is a repost this is not my story!!!

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect Timing {Gream AU}
    347K 9.5K 30

    It's Junior year when we're introduced to George Davidson, a transfer student from England. He transferred to Florida after his parents passed away in a car accident one tragic morning. A new home, new parents, new friends, and new crushes are what are about to meet the 17 year old boy. Is he ready to face what's com...

  • Coding His Heart // dreamnotfound
    2.8M 62K 27

    Two students struggling to keep their grades and pants up. Will this Florida man survive university in England? (DNF)

  • A Kingdom of Untold Truths || Dreamnotfound
    675K 25.6K 23

    Clay has been pulled from self-retirement to serve as Prince George's royal guard. I do NOT take credit for the cover art. Artist: @voicefulshelf68 on Twitter Possible TW: Swearing Slightly nsfw Violence Blood Torture Panic attack Mention of vomiting Possibly more 4/12/21: #2 Dreamnotfound!! 4/12/21: #2 slow...

  • 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘦 ~ dnf
    39.9K 1.3K 16

    His favorite color. The color dream wears almost everyday, because it was the only one George could see properly. George is gone. He went missing a year ago and has since been announced as dead. But dream won't accept it. He knows deep in his heart, that george is still out there. Alive. He won't rest, until he find...

  • boyfriend || DNF
    1.8M 56.2K 28

    Trigger Warning || Suicide Mention, Drugs, Alcohol, Abuse, Smut, Angst || Dream meets the new kid from england George, rumors say that him and george are alot alike, smoking, drinking and being complete party animals that would get into trouble, but both are good kids academic wise

    Completed   Mature
  • kingslayer || DNF
    488K 14.1K 21

    Trigger Warning || Violence, Angst, Smut || The King of Mared "Dream" is presented with a thief "George" that is robbing the small shops in his kingdom, he decides to take him in as a servant in order to pay for all the wrongs he has done, but soon being a servant turns into something else (This is a re-write from my...

    Completed   Mature