SweetSeaWater's Reading List

  • Over Powered
    85 3

    A revolution is coming. Fifteen year old Sparrow Stone is Unspoken. She is seen as an object, an animal. The governemnt has been demolished and recreated in a monsterous caste-like system. She is at the bottom of the totem pole, she is beaten, bloodied and brusied, but she doesn't plan on staying that way. They say f...

  • My Life as A Teenage Serial Killer
    1K 21

  • Branches
    1K 38

    What if you had no choice? What if your path, your life, was selected for you at birth? Ismay Telles knows this better than most. She is Wordless, she has never, nor will ever speak. Her entire life has revolved around the one choice, the choice she did not make. After the past government decided to create a utopia, w...