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  • MELTING.┃ park sunghoon ✔︎
    261K 15.4K 37

    ❝ I hate that you have me in your control. ❞ She was his summer and he was her winter. A girl, who's badly diagnosed with hyperthermia, wanted to hook her best friend up with the school's coldest ice prince. Complication appeared once she discovered he had the opposite of her temperature disorder. ━━ ❍ soulmate , h...

  • DEFIANTLY YOURS.┃ sim jake ✔︎
    139K 11.8K 54

    ❝ I don't think I can hold on anymore. ❞ He hated seeing her being in pain. This story unfolds the tragic tale about an ill tomboy who fell for her goody-two-shoes tutor. She knew too little about what an unrequited love could do to her. ━ ❍ mental disorder, tutor au A SIM JAEYUN FANFICTION © Agirlwholovesen-nct 2...

    Completed   Mature
  • SYMPATHY.┃ lee heeseung ✔︎
    356K 24.8K 49

    ❝ Do you want me to kill them? ❞ Sparing sympathy was something he didn't do. Well, that was until he fell in love with her. The chaos was unfolded by fate when a merciless grim reaper who took people's breaths away and a suicidal girl who's wishing for death unexpectedly got tangled by a soulmate thread. ━━ ❍ soulma...

    Completed   Mature
  • SMILE.┃ park jongseong ✔︎
    494K 39.9K 100

    ❝ Fuck off. ❞ He's the type of man she despised. When a girl, whose paranormal disability was killing people with her smile, fell in love with the playboy who wanted to bring her deadly smile back. ━━ ❍ soulmate , paranormal au A PARK JONGSEONG FANFICTION © Agirlwholovesen-nct 2021 finished // under editing right n...