• Book 2: A Writer's Melody
    43.3K 829

    243K 2.6K

    Ako si Cinderella. At ito ang aking tunay na kwento.

  • Not Your Ordinary Jullian (Ruptured Series #1) (TO BE PUBLISHED BY BOOKWARE)
    266K 1.7K

    (WARNING: Mature Contents. Some contents may not be suitable for minors. Read at your own risk. TY) Jullian had a bad marriage with Mike Antonnish that led he...

  • He Was Out Of Her League 1
    12.7K 244

    Wayne is never on Olive's league. Ang talaga naman na nakakakuha ng atensyon niya noon ay ang girlfriend nito na si Karen Horney "Ren" Andrada; ang star player...

  • Just Got Lucky...With Love
    24K 205

    Paano kung sa pagmamagandang loob mo na tulungan ang isang lasing, eh may nangyari sa inyo at nagbunga iyon? What more if that person turned out to be your id...

  • Seducing The Wild Heart (Published)
    2.1M 14.4K

    (WARNING: RATED SPG. Some contents may not be suitable for minors. Read at your own risk) All she ever wanted is to be a person of her own merits, and enjoy f...

  • Romancing A Banking Magnate (Published!)
    1.6M 16.7K

    (WARNING: RATED SPG. SENSUAL READ. Not suitable for minors and sensitive minds.) Xavier Yuchengco - billionaire extraordinaire, gorgeous CEO of UNB, untamed a...

    Completed   Mature
    413K 6.3K

    • C O M P L E T E D • LUCKY DUOLOGY Book 1. Siya si Vanessa Alcantara, ang magiging "Lucky Date" for one day ng super sikat at pinagkakaguluhang pop star na...

  • Play With Blaze [FINAL EDITION]
    62.2K 764

    A twisted story with twisted characters. They both desire for one thing... To have a child. [From: December 13, 2013 To: January 5, 2014]

  • Neighbors With Benefits (COMPLETED)
    8M 64.6K

    The genre of this story is General Fiction. Contains mature scenes and words that are not suitable for your conservative mind. Ps. UNDER REVISION. Tadtad ng...

  • You Belong To Me
    820K 14.9K

    Binalot ng pagtataka at pag-aalinlangan si Rhyme nang magkamalay siya sa isang di-makilalang silid. Ang pakiramdam na iyon ay napalitan ng takot nang ma-realiz...

  • Next Time I Fall In Love
    3.4M 41.2K

    Sequel of Invisible Girl (Jared's side story) This time, siya naman ang bibida!

  • Love in a Rush I
    891K 9.1K

    GERARD is heartbroken and stops believing in love. SHAYLA is struggling to escape her incestuous and abusive step father, until she stopped believing in a h...

    Completed   Mature
  • His BABYsitter (Complete)
    6.1M 50.1K


    Completed   Mature
  • Permanent Marker (Under revision. Wag muna basahin)
    394K 3.5K

    If love is a ruthless game. Will you gamble for it?

  • Men in Love 1: The Chinky-Eyed Lover
    50.6K 1K

    Instant baby sitter. Iyon ang tingin ni Eiyu kay Angela. Panay ang panggugulo nito sa kanya para may makatulong umano ito sa pag-aalaga sa anak nito. Bakit ka...

  • What Boys Think: Ephraim
    45K 1K

    ☛ℕℴ ℑℴ ℊℛaℳℳaℛ ℕaℨi☚ First book: What Boys Think: Ephraim Second book: What Boys Think: Joshua Third book: What Boys Think: Raphael Fourth book: What Boys Thi...

  • The JC chronicles (PUBLISHED - PINK AND PURPLE)
    1.7M 2.9K

    Best Friend - The one friend who is closest to you. But what if you fall in love with your very own best friend?

  • Sealed With A Kiss
    135K 1.2K

    Nakapagsulat ka na ba ng love letter para sa crush mo? And by some twisted fate ay nabasa ito sa harap ng buong student body during a flag ceremony? Well, dito...

  • He's My Childhood Enemy
    94.2K 1.6K

    Completed   Mature
  • The Longest Night
    17K 217

    I don't need men in my life. All I wanted is a child. Then, Daniel came. He wants me and I want him too, specially his 'sperm'.

    Completed   Mature
  • Seducing A Frigid
    553K 6.4K

    " I'll Seduce you my FRIGID GIRL" Maganda, matalino,makinis, sopistikada at kaakit-akit. Lumaki si Yanna na taglay ang mga katangiang ito. Lahat...

    Completed   Mature
  • THE PIRATE'S EYES Lord of the Hearts Series Book 1
    21.1K 269

    ~~~ “Nasisiraan ka na bang talaga?... We have just met and now you’re declaring love? I’ve never met such a woman who does and it scares the hell out of me.”...

  • Imperial Brothers
    2.4M 29.6K

    Sa larangan ng business, isang apelyido ang kilalang-kilala at kinatatakutan na makabangga... ang IMPERIAL. Tatlong magkakapatid naman ang kilala sa apelyidon...

  • Worth a Second Look (Season 1)
    67.7K 1K

    Sino-sino sa mga mokong na to ang nakilala, nakaaway, at naging kaibigan mo nung High School? Check all that apply. A. Crush ng Bayan B. Miss Valedictorian ...

  • The Proxy Wife
    297K 4K

    si Maxine, NBSB ever ang drama sa buhay..paano kung dumating ang isang araw na mangailangan sya ng tulong, pero ang pagtulong din sa iba ang magiging kabayaran...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Surrender (COMPLETED)
    1.1M 20.5K

    Zach was about to marry this girl, his father chose for him. Suddenly he realized that couldn't bear the thought of being trapped in a loveless marriage -- so...

  • She's seriously fvcked up and He's the Perfect Guy [COMPLETED]
    1.1M 17.1K

    Antisocial. Rebellious. Delinquent. Jazz is so darn fvcked up when she met Seb, Handsome, rich, Good son, model student. Varsity and school hearthrob. other th...

  • Forget My Love Not
    4.4K 55

    Mula nang mamatay ang boyfriend ni Pauline na si Andrei ay isinubsob na niya ang kanyang atensiyon sa trabaho. Doon ay nakilala niya si Seth, ang boss niya na...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marry Me (COMPLETED)
    4.8M 48.5K

    FIXED MARRIAGE. Uso pa ba yun? Eh paano kung yung campus hearthrob na super cold ang nakatakda mong pakasalan? Aatras ka ba o papayag ka? (Published by Viva P...