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  • The Last Town
    25.2K 1.3K 16

    A young man and his mother move halfway across the country to escape his abusive step-father. With his mother's new dream-job at a tech firm, their new life together is off to a great start... But they soon learn that dreams are often too good to be true. Isolated in a new town with no one to trust, they must dig up t...

  • Revium
    101K 8.6K 50

    FIRST DRAFT There are no such things as heroes. There are no such things as saviors. But there are such things as criminals, and the monstrous ones belong somewhere worse than hell. Within a broken empire, gears whisper secrets as magic tears through bone and soul. An empire in which rulers reside behind their walls...

  • Heart of Stone
    26.9K 1.6K 11

    ❝Our stone hearts can always be carved into the emblems of our enemies.❞ Reincarnated as Medusa, she has no idea what her past life held, and she'd lost the trail of shocking secrets she'd unearthed. But the past always comes back to haunt you, and soon she is immersed in a maze of possibilities, fatalities and rising...

  • Talking to the Moon ✔
    502K 30.7K 62

    | Previously Featured | | Book One of the Moon Chronicles | "To hear, one must be silent." The Power of the tongue and intelligence of a human being is what makes them different from God's other creations. It is what makes them powerful, it is what makes the human being rule every other creation. But they forge...

  • A Thousand Burning Masks
    47.1K 1.8K 11

    CHINESE ARYA STARK meets THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. *A Wattpad Featured story* When everyone wears a mask, who do you trust? In the unforgiving empire of Erden where the Imperials reign supreme, Sarna is a slave. After escaping the brothel where a man burned half her face, she is determined to lead a new life by joini...

  • Painted Poetry
    201 20 2

    poetry inspired by colour, words inspired by the rainbow ~ Cover by the amazing Verenice aka @-fadedlights

    77.7K 7.8K 18

    There is a warrior in you. © Y.R, 2016.

  • The Third Son (hiatus)
    11.9K 1.4K 49

    [Low fantasy / Gothic romance] As a professor of medicine and a reverend, Doctor Roslind McMillan would hope to spend his time balancing his obligations to the two institutions. However, he's spent the last few months trying to save his career from his support of the demon-blooded civil rights movement and his relatio...

  • Little Brother (On hold)
    4.4K 318 8

    THE LEGEND... Morien, a knight of Camelot, narrowly escapes his own execution at the hands of the wicked King Arthur. Barely alive, he flees into the forest of outlaws, where old magic and the few who remember it may be able to help him. Deep wounds and deeper mysteries lurk within the woods. Morien is not the only o...

  • The Crossing (Complete Book One)
    255K 18.1K 54

    Crossings between the realms have become rare. Aurora's mysterious powers were unleashed the day she witnessed her mother's death. Years later, they have manifested again and she is being hunted. But rather than fleeing danger, she runs head on into it to save a friend. Tezaro, a legendary knight of the Kingdom of Ar...

  • Partisan - Book II
    301K 28.7K 79

    *COMPLETE* "People don't believe in us anymore. They don't believe that in the end we will do what is right. We can't let them down. We can't let Ben win." Decisions made on top of the lonely, wind-swept cliff of Lethinor reverberate around the five kingdoms as war begins in earnest. This is a sequel to Paragon, it's...

  • Empress Rising: The Hunt
    1.6K 203 12

    In this Chinese urban fantasy, PERCY JACKSON meets SPIRITED AWAY and JOURNEY TO THE WEST. ***** Born with blood in their veins that runs only half Chinese, Faryn Liu and her brother Alex are shunned by the other warriors in the Jade Society, an ancient Chinese order created to protect the people of Earth from de...

  • Daughter of Ice and Bone
    1.5K 154 21

    After Aino is blamed for the death of a bear, she must go on a quest to clear her name, and retrieve the people of her village who were taken to the land of the dead. All the while, she must deal with her tricky guardian spirit, and evade the god of the forest, Tapio, who is hunting her. Along the way, they will lear...