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  • My Girl
    5.3M 104K 38

    You see, It all started in a library. Mia Hastings always seems to get in trouble from her cocky and sarcastic attitude. So when Aiden Cash presents himself, she knows everything there is to know about him. Well or so she thinks. When the hottie heart throb get's an unlikely interest in Mia, she knows how to deal wi...

    611K 15.6K 32

    "You're hiding. There's no need to. Come on. I won't bite... hard." He smirked. That smirk. That damned smirk. It made her heart pound with lust and love. The man pushed back the bush concealing her and moved his face so close to hers that she could smell his cologne running off him and with just moving an inch forwa...

  • The Maltreated Wife
    841 42 14

    "I'm leaving you for good, you worthless jerk", I told him and walked away from my abusive husband....

  • A Bet With The Devils
    1.9M 90.1K 45

    Highest-ranking in Humor; #1 "They all eventually end up falling" Alex adds and I smirk. "Not me" "Are you saying you're not going to fall for any of us?" Josh joins. "Yes" "We should make this interesting" Vinny talks "if you fall for one of us, we bang you" After her parents sent her out of state to finish her...

  • The New Me
    133K 3.1K 24

    Melissa and Liam, the two names that brought back memories. Never in the world, would I have ever thought that the people that I once truly called my best friends would betray me. We were best friends ever since our childhood. Liam was my first love and I had been crushing on him since we were young. Until one day, I...

  • My Best Friend's Brother
    2.3K 762 28

    My name is Ainsley Morris I'm 17 years old and am a junior in high school. I only have one secret that I keep from my best friend Lola Colt. That secret is that I secretly have the biggest crush on my best friends older brother Keaton Colt. Keaton is a senior. He is a 6'2 football player with the hottest body. He ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear Diary, I Have a Mate
    8.7M 244K 63

    Arrabella Middletin hasn't spoken a word since she was eight years old. The only thing she shares her thoughts with is her diary. She lives with her abusive father and is starting a new school. With a dad that freaks out when she makes a friend or even associates with others what will he do when Arrabella discovers th...

  • Human Luna #Wattys2016
    31.2M 1M 97

    "You stupid bitch!" Screamed the red head turning to face me. Her drink spilled all over her. "I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to." I said backing away. As i was backing up i was stopped by a wall. The girl came stalking towards me with her hand ready to strike. I closed my eyes ready for impact but it never came. I opene...

  • Playing Perfect
    484K 20.9K 32

    [FEATURED IN TEEN FICTION & MYSTERY!] "I hate you so much you make my blood boil, but I can't stop thinking about you." Alice Travers has the perfect life. As Sierra Grammar's residential beauty and brains, she's always surrounded by a horde of friends and followed by a trail of compliments - she's a Travers after all...

  • This Diary I Found
    400K 24.4K 39

    Westmont High's infamous man whore, Trevor Jettison, just got slapped with karma's wake up call. After swiping away V-cards and breaking hearts, the legendary 'devirginator' encountered something that made his life turn upside down: a diary. However it wasn't just any diary. It was the diary of one of his former bed...

  • The Love Spell
    1.1K 580 9

    Skylar went through lots of love rejections in her life, at the age of seventeen, she never had someone who fall in love with her. That was because she was cursed! Centuries ago, one of her ancestors provoked a witch by being in an illicit relationship with her husband. The angry and jealous witch cursed her and her e...

  • The Alphas Secret Wolf
    2.1M 63.9K 62

    Evangeline has never had a perfect life. At the age of five she lost her mother. Since then her father has been away on business trips leaving her to be raised by her brothers Nathaniel, Daniel, and Alexander. Now, she is 20 living in the house her father bought for her and her brothers. Life was good as...

  • Angel Academy
    6.7M 308K 65

    For years angel academy has taught students of all races and ability's, angels, werewolves, vampires, dragon riders, you name it. The school was created for a purpose, to help students reach their full potential and rise against the demons that vow to destroy the world as we know it. But one girl changes everything...

  • Let's Play a Game
    3.9M 90.1K 40

    Adjusting to a new school is hard. Maxynn Chase would know about that better than anyone. When she first entered Corvus High School, everyone mispronounced her name and targeted her as the school's playboy's next victim. But a year later, things have changed. People could finally pronounce her name and were now convin...

  • SISTERS (Bonded By Blood)
    706 229 8

    Cassandra and Nicolet has lived their lives in different worlds and families. Read on to find out how the truth revealed changed their whole lives.

  • THE UNIQUE TRIPLETS (Blood Is Thicker Than Water)
    386 157 10

    Eva is a girl who leaves with her vicious stepmom, She never knew her real Mom believing she's dead. As time went on all things that were hidden from her were made known ........ Read to unfold the mystery.......

  • Possessive Much?
    15.9M 578K 52

    [Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction] 🚫WARNING🚫 :| CLICHE ALERT! This is some high class cringe stuff which will make you want to throw yourself out the window |: :|You have been warned, proceed at your own risk |: ⬇️ He stood up with his hands in his pockets, "I'll delete the video." My head snapped up on hearing th...

  • Girl With the Heart of Stone
    1.3M 44.1K 38

    "Lets get rid of this," he realses my hair letting it fall freely His hot heavy breath lingers on my lips and it sends shivers down my back. I see him looking down at my lips and I know what he's going to do "I'm sick," I murmur looking directly into his eyes "So," he says placing his hands on either side of me trappi...