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  • Fate will decide. (sequel to I will always love you)
    7.2K 56 12

    It's me, Leilani! I'm back, and I'm better than ever! Life is wonderful, and I'm just hoping that it lasts. But, I feel that something isn't right... Is someone hiding something from me? Is he dead or alive? Is it meant for us to be together? Are we supposed to be? Will he change? I don't know, but Fate will decide.

  • Insane
    22.5K 524 12

    Ray was a happy 18 year old. He was friends with Mac, Baby, Roc, Prince and his boo was Prod. He never showed how broken he was...Not until one day Prod dies ripping Ray's heart out. And then his friends try to comfort him...but then SNAP! He goes insane and tries to kill well...mustn't say...

  • The return of Ray Ray *A mindless behavior ghost story*
    60.9K 771 6

    Ray Ray had the girl of his dreams and a simple argument on the way home from their date, costed his dream girl her life. The pain he felt when everyone blamed him for her death & how bad they dogged him out at her funeral caused him to take his own life thinking he'd be with her again through after life. Ray Ray didn...

  • Delusional | A Ray Ray Tragedy
    4.6K 42 4

    Some say he's crazy, but Shaun sees things. He senses them everywhere he goes. He knows they're real, but people don't believe him. Ever since Shaun was 7 he's been seeing and hearing thigns that others can't. He was made fun of a lot because of it, but he tried hard to prove people wrong. He especially hears things w...

  • Whatever It Takes
    920K 14.7K 23

    Best friends forever, right? Well, it's time for a twist. Raquan and Chantelle are your average pair of best friends. Nothing was done without the other. Getting himself tied into a serious relationship with a fine babe named Mya, Raquan struggles to juggle the two main females in his life. Jealously took it's place...

  • I Miss Her- Ray Ray Love Story
    163K 2.3K 37

    This is about a heartbroken boy (Ray) and a broken girl (Kiara). Ray has been threw alot and Kiara has to. Ray's late gf died getting hit by a car, his parents died in a car accident. Kiara's dad beats her. They have both been threw hell basically. But one good thing is tht ... They have eachother. Follow them on thei...

  • I Think I Love My Tutor (A Ray Ray Love Story)
    148K 2.8K 22

    Its BAD enough in HighSchool you have to deal with Aggravating Teachers, Your Grades & SchoolWork,Boys,Your Image, Family, and Puberty! Then you have all these crazy Hormones and you think every guy is “The One”! If you’ve been hurt so many times in the past what will will happen when you do meet “The One”? Will you b...

  • Never Make Fun of The Skinny Chick~
    74K 1.5K 19

    One Word: Payback. Cassidy Brookes was always labeled a social outcast throughout her entire life. She was skinny, awkward, very timid, and did I mention skinny? Living in a society where beauty only came in one size, Cassidy decided one summer that she would no longer take the bulling she endured on a daily basis. S...

    61.8K 792 3

    Every boy in the school would kill for a spot in this exclusive crew. The V Clique consists of boys who are criminal badass for one reason--recieving the sexual desires of the female population in Ashwood High School. Once the boy gets off with a girl, the boys come together, discuss, and ranks them on their website c...

  • Only At Night ( Stepdad & Me)
    65.2K 923 33

    Does it happen when she's away? Does he care she's only a teen. But he thinks that " oh Im just a stepdad" nothing is official. But who says its impossible for it to happen.

  • Undefined Love
    269K 4.2K 73

    Fifteen year old, Ray'vn Miller, is your average Sophomore in high school. She's really laid back and super shy. She can be herself if she feels comfortable around you. She doesn't have many friends. She always felt that she had the dream life she'd dreamed about. A happy family. That all changed 3 years ago, when her...

  • Its 4 AM...(Ray Ray Story)
    61.9K 760 8

    Its 4 AM and my lover wont answer. ..Shaeylnn Lopez is married to Rayan Lopez. She has 2 kids with him. Their relationship has everything. Love,Lust and Trust..but will that all change?? because of the time....Its 4 AM

  • All Fair In Love And War - Roc & Ray love story [COMPLETE] [EDITING]
    109K 851 31

    Lets face it happy endings only happen in fairy tales. Cinderella finds her Prince Charming. Sleeping Beauty where his kiss wakes her up from her slumber. Shrek where she finds her love through an ogre. Well this is reality and YN is a regular girl with her regular best friends. But what happen to her in the past trau...

    Completed   Mature
  • ❝Change Is Good❞
    39K 628 21

    ❝Everything isn't always what is seems.❞ Rayan Lopez is the lady's man of West Middleton High School. When a new student, Samantha Graham, comes into town, will she change him or will his manipulative ways change both of their lives forever? QueenSammi Original © 2012-2014

    Completed   Mature
  • Sitting On Ray's LAP. ;)
    110K 853 5

    Nique was sending her step brother Ray off to college & got put in a HEATED situation. Her and Ray took things a little further then a brother/sister relationship while riding in the car with their other brother Roc right next to them unaware of anything.

  • The only crime is getting caught - A Mindless Behavior Story
    12.1K 146 12

    Being from a massive city like Advanmark, meeting new people is something very common for Jatara even though she has lived there all her life. With the crime rate up the only people well known around there are the rebel's. Jatara attempts to separate herself from that crowd but fails and gets sucked in even more by he...

  • Anonymous Girl ( E D I T I N G )
    49.7K 495 29

    When there's something unknown,you're eager to know. So when Ray see's one special girl she's tattooed on his mind. Her dance moves. Her fragrance. Her smile. But one problem keeps getting in his way. She's completely anonymous. No name, no number, not even a speech to remember how she sounds. This is his- Anonymous...

  • Conflicted Love
    3.7K 67 2

    Only a week and a few days before 17-year-old Rayon's 18th birthday... He's been told some news that'll turn his life upside down.

  • Up's and Down's (A Ray Ray Love Story)
    31.2K 273 12

    Every relationship has ups and downs, never expect perfection from someone.. They all have a story... This so happens to be ours...*My First!!*

  • My Love Won't Die! (Ray Ray Love Story)
    275K 4.4K 46

    Sequel To Nerds Need Love Too!!!

  • My Bully Adopted Me: Ray Ray Love Story ❤ (Season 1) *EDITING*
    793K 18.8K 38

    COPYRIGHT © 2012 All Rights Reserved Friends, Best friends, now Enemies. Lovers? That seems way out of the question. Cat Young and Rayan Lopez were best friends, but suddenly broke apart. Ever since then, its been all hell for Cat. After all the things she's been through, being adopted was the last thing on her mind...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Can Hate Me, But Ill Still Love You (Ray Ray Tragedy Story)
    95K 1.1K 20

    Jade. A 15 year old girl. Bullied everyday of her life, and hated since the day she was born. Abused. Abused and hated by the one and only... Raquan. Raquan is the MVP of the basketball team. Also known as the school player/ bad boy. She's in love. In love with Rauqan. The more he hates her...she still loves him

  • Why Me (Ray Ray Love Story) ©
    207K 3.3K 20

    Life Hard When You Cant Tell Or Trust People To Be By Your Side 13 Year Old Lyric Struggles Through Love And Hurt Or Do It All Ends When Her Savior Raquan Smith Comes To End It All Rated R © YOMO •RaysDomoLover Productions ©

  • Nerds Need Love Too!!! (Ray Ray Love Story)
    291K 4.6K 15

    15 year old Yesenia Hernandez is what people like to call her.."A Nerd" She is bullied all the time. Has a major crush on the most popular boy in school. Rayan Lopez. He is known as the best dancer. She doesn't stand a chance agenst the other girls who wants him. But hey Nerds Need Love Too..

  • Thinkin Bout Yhu?
    14.2K 204 13

  • Danger Zone
    31.9K 390 11

    Trishae is a new student at Eastcote-Belmont Academy. Going to a new school is alittle awkward and different, so she tries to act herself and be casual. Eastcote is a gifted school for talented kids from dancing to photography, its supposed to be a "high classed" school but it turns out to be a hot mess, something she...

  • Mute(D) ; [BOOK 1]
    1.1M 22.6K 39

    Tiffani Wilson is not your average girl. At her school she is the girl who hair is weird. But she is MUTED. She can't speak after she saw a a horrible thing in her family. Then the new boy Ray Ray comes to school; he is the jokester at school and he meets Tiffani. He can't figure her out because she doesn't speak, the...

  • Clowning Central
    31.5K 374 7

    Blessing had always thought that she truly wasn't a Blessing. She felt that she was a misfit from the moment her mother conceived her: People hated her and she didn't know why. Blessing was bullied and tormented everyday at school, therefore when she gets the chance to go to a boarding school in America, she grabs at...

  • Undercover Love ( A Ray Ray Love Story )
    37.6K 654 15

    This story is about a woman who works for the FBI. She ends up on an undercover mission one day that she does not approve of. What happens when she has to one day kill the man she has fallen in love with ( Rayon Smith ) .. Read on to find out .....