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  • 100 Love Poems
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    100 Love Poems in the process. Sweet, romantic, and some saddening. Specifical thanks to @stfujulio for this stunning cover, much appreciated.

  • My First Poems
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  • Being with you...
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    Being with you makes me forget .... Here's to a collection of small poems :)

  • Limericks III
    10.9K 1.5K 68

    Based on songs of many eras, I am indebted to all the artists who created the music & I hope this to be a bit of a homage to their talent, not mine. In most cases the accompanying song video is posted in the media section (above) the limerick. I hope you enjoy them : )

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    This poem is about 2 people who fall in love. Get married (tie the knot) and fall out of love but still struggle with staying committed to the marriage.

  • Questionings?
    690 73 10

    Philosophical Poetry My own understandings expressed in Prose and Poetry.

  • Withering Lights
    3.4K 451 19

    First poetry collection... 2014-2015.

  • I Wanna Be Near Her
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    Smitten suitor warbles love song.

  • Millennial's Monologue: Secret Dramas in Our Hearts & Souls
    24.4K 2K 38

    REAL LIFE STORY: I was a stereotypical high achiever in an Ivy League school who got suspended for plagiarism; April was a sweet girl who worked in a high-end prostitution ring. We were both in our early twenties when we became friends. A perfect timing, because my heart was full and swollen, so was hers. With the...

  • Beat the Drum
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    A collection of Poems to help raise the bar for Ebola Help and world Awareness and response. I challenge all poets to do the same and see what we can come up with. If some real gems appear I hope to organize them into an anthology that can eventually be published to raise money for this Crisis,

  • Journey Home
    317K 2.6K 36

    Journey Home c.2013, Olan L. Smith Journey Home is a collection of poems that is a personal search for my spiritual home. I go about this search with the tools of poetry using the English language as my map. Love, peace and freedom, Olan L. Smith

  • Carmina A Book of Poems
    7.9K 907 45

    Carmina (Hebrew) means garden or orchard. In Latin it means song or poem. This is a collection of Poems of love, life and nature.

  • The Humor Collection.
    166K 4.6K 27

    And there was me, trying to be nice.

  • Danger Close
    30.1K 1K 12

    A short collection of modern war poetry 1995 - 2014 Highly personal, this short anthology draws on the writer's experiences as a soldier and officer of the British Army in conflict zones in Europe, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. Although, the majority of these poems are previously unpublished, a number were published...

  • Defying Fate
    1.3K 102 12

    Narinae Whiteman is the daughter of the most powerful Alpha and clan of the whole state of Kentucky. Her life could easily be described in one word- Normal. But when someone threatens her and her family to kill them all, everything changes. What would you do if every thing you've been taught and known was just a lie...

  • Poems From Nature
    4.4K 506 34

    This is a vast variety of poems so tell me if ya like it, yes? How can you tell me? Vote comment or share and you could even pm me? Have a good one guys! This is just poems poems for all those poetry lovers like I!

  • Funny thoughts
    18.8K 1K 44

    Funny thoughts is the imagination's free spirited journey .A look into the mundane and everyday through hilarious undertones. ..Enjoy !!

  • The Morning Coffee ( discontinued )
    1K 167 11

    Everyday she sat down in the same place with the same coffee reading a new book. Everyday he sat down in the same place with the different coffee and a sketchbook. CopyRight © 2014 Fudgel { General Fiction #374 }

  • love letters from ruby
    34K 1.4K 29

    One cannot always tell what it is that keeps us shut in, confines us, seems to bury us, but still one feels certain barriers, certain gates, certain walls. Is all this imagination, fantasy? I do not think so. And then one asks: My God! Is it for long, is it for ever, is it for eternity? Do you know what frees one from...

  • Tag, You're It!
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    You've been tagged, and I've been tagged... Have fun reading and commenting and voting!!!

  • Candy thoughts
    1.4K 109 7

    These are simple emotions penned by a simple girl, I don't even know whether this can be qualified as poetry. Before few months, I don't even read poems, now I write poem, thank you Harish for making that happen and I dedicate this book to you!

  • Poems
    489K 12K 76

    This is a book of some poems I've written recently. Some are about me, some are about books, and some are about something else entirely. Either way, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

  • No Rush .. No End In Sight
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    Completed   Mature
  • Traces
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    Hope lost and found

  • Poems 2 Love
    9.2K 697 52

    Poetry is magical for simple reasons. First of all is, that they let you express yourself freely of how you feel or what you see, etc. Second is the way people interpret your own poems or you to theirs and lastly, they make you free. In these poems, I'd like you to go beyond the black and white and literal, I want you...

  • I See...
    5.4K 143 16

    What is it that you see? Are emotions visual things? Does the inside come right out? Or is it masks we wear about? Explore the poetry of C.J. Queen in her second collection of writings that examines life from a visual perspective.

  • Moments of Pain
    26.3K 1.3K 18

    We all have or going through different phases in our life where we experience pain. This is collection of poem where a girl expresses her moments of pain. Pain of the illness she is suffering from. Experience with her.. Her Moments of Pain.. Best Ranking #7 in Poetry on 11-10 -2014

  • Where I Have Been Wandering
    171K 8.1K 26

    Poetry on nature and experience

  • The Blast (Watty Winner 2014)
    273K 9.2K 26

    Now available in its entirety through Amazon and Lulu! After a series of atomic blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker, they emerge to discover they are among the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. Fighting against rogue groups and coping with deaths are just some of the adjustments Beatr...