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  • Love Is Rough
    3.2K 164 5

    Misaki is sick so Akihiko takes him to the doctors and they find something in poor Misaki that shouldn't be there.

  • Waiter (Cherik AU)
    8.5K 510 7

    5 times Erik got distracted by the restaurant waiter. 1 time he never regretted them. 1 moment he thought it was perfect. Cherik Fanfic AU. PG (The first 2 chapters were written late at night so expect a little sentences that are off but the other remaining ones are fine)

    Completed   Mature
  • A Very Cherik Sleepover
    19.9K 934 8

    When Erik invites Charles for one of their traditional sleepovers he doesn't expect it'll turn out that way. Instead of taking the upper bunk bed as usual, Charles decides to curl up in Erik's bed with Erik to keep them warm... P.S. This is written by me and a friend on AO3 :) So the smutty parts are thanks to them :D

    Completed   Mature
  • How to Successfully Ruin Your Life [CHERIK]
    46.6K 2K 16

    Charles is seventeen, still in highschool, still living with his not-so-nice family and still bored half to death with everything. Everything changes, however, when he accepts a job at a local café and meets the mysterious Mr Lehnsherr. Erik is tall, dark, incredibly handsome and, according to the other staff members...

    Completed   Mature
  • Serendipity [CHERIK]
    48.1K 2.8K 7

    Charles sends a text to the wrong number. continued here:

  • Vlogging Surprise
    936 47 1

    Charles is recording another one of his YouTube videos with his boyfriend Erik, when he is surprised half way through the video.

  • Surprise, Surprise, Mind Reader!
    725 54 1

    A Guide to Surprise a Telepath by Erik Lehnsherr

  • A Very Cherik Highschool Project
    579 22 1

    When Erik Lehnsherr happens to be partnered with the one and only Charles Xaviar, Erik can barely handle his crush. He has his secret, but he doesn't know that Charles can hear all of his very indiscreet thoughts.

  • Last Days of Spring
    4.3K 272 4

    It started like a one-night stand but it changed both their lives forever. When Raven takes her heartbroken brother Charles to a club she does not expect him to fall in love with the random guy he meets there. Charles and Erik start a relationship and everything seems like a fairytale until one day Charles realizes th...

  • And Then I Saw Your Face...
    2.5K 133 1

    High School AU. Charles and Erik are in the same school together, they're best friends since they were five and they're both crushing hard only Erik is crushing on Charles while Charles is crushing on someone else...

  • Sundays with Charles
    16.2K 939 4

    Erik is a struggling single dad. His life is a mess, he's constantly drowning in problems - financial, emotional and parental - until one day it hits him! A car hits him actually... and it changes his life forever. Because that is when he meets Charles Xavier - a young man who brings sunlight and smiles back to the Le...

  • Cookies
    4.9K 273 1

    Clint walks on Pietro crying Disclaimer - I don't own the avengers or any of the characters

  • You Give Love A Bad Name - Cherik Oneshot
    1.9K 99 1

    [Modern AU] Charles swears he didn't so much push the hot guy into a stack of nonfiction books, so much as accidentally fall into him after the guy insulted his taste in books.

  • Cherik ( one shot )
    3.1K 168 2

    [ Beach divorce fix-it ]

  • The Book Store (Cherik)
    14.5K 732 4

    Raven lives with her brother, Charles, a 21 year old who teaches at a local college. Charles has a crush on a guy in a book store. What Raven doesn't know is that she has a greater part in this bookstore romance than she would ever imagine.

  • My Sexy Mentor
    2.4K 108 4

    A humorous Scrubs fanfic. Turk and Carla are both entirely convinced that JD is in love with Dr. Cox. JD is less sure.

  • His Sunshine (MorMor one shot Fanfic)
    2.3K 94 1

    My first MorMor fan fic :)

  • My Own Private Practice Guy: a Scrubs fanfiction
    1.1K 19 1

    takes place during "My Own Private Practice guy" with it going a little different than the show, with Perry feeling like J.D. is being taken from him by his old inturn Peter Fish

  • Spideypool - tacos and texting
    38.9K 1.7K 6

    My first attempt at character x character fanfiction After a night of fighting crime, Spiderman and Deadpool sit together and eat tacos Anymore would be spoilers. Here goes nothing (Totally NOT nervous that you won't like it) Eeeeeeppp!

  • Don't Leave
    32.5K 1K 2

    More fluff!

  • Home { Superfamily & Stony Fanficiton }
    10.7K 506 1

    All Steve wanted to do was go home.

  • A Thousand Apologies - SpideyPool
    3K 108 2

    [Second chapter contains smut] Peter took a few ragged breaths. He had killed his boyfriend. That was definitely way up on the ‘Bad Things for Boyfriends to Do’ list.

    Completed   Mature
  • HawkSilver (boyxboy)
    14.2K 425 3

    Hawk eye and quicksilver (the guy twin in avengers:age of ultron)

  • 11 years before
    157K 7.3K 16

    #JustWriteIt Peter gets turned into a 6 year old by Loki Boy X Boy Stony Superfamily Spideypool And some other gay ships YAYYYYY

    Completed   Mature
  • Stony (steve x tony) (yaoi)
    77.7K 1.7K 4

    A 4 part one-shot. Last chapter is R-Rated. I really like Stony, so I hope you do too. Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • I Can Catch You. - a Stony one-shot
    743 16 1

    Steve and Tony have been dating for a while now, and they finally have a chance to go on a first date. Interesting activities ensue. GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF BOYXBOY FRICKLE FRACKLE. Don't like, don't read. Requested by my BFF @dbzfangirl6, and written for her. :3 Have fun reading my peeps.

    Completed   Mature
  • Never Meant To Hurt You | Avengers
    95.3K 2.7K 4

    When Loki, in good will, tries to reveal the truth about Tony Stark's life to the team because the idiot won't do it himself, everything turns into a tragic situation. Pre-slash Steve/Tony.

  • Stony: What if we say good bye.
    2K 58 1

    For a friend. Comments are appreciated.

  • The Reason the World makes Sense.
    1.7K 85 1

    My first ever published fanfic so if it is truly terrible, please just freeze me in ice so I can never write again. :) I just discovered how beautiful Stony is and I hope you enjoy this short little story of me kind of just hating on the world a bit.

  • Don't Forget Stony
    4.5K 205 7

    Tony was caught by the hulk after sending the missal through the work hole. The only difference is he lost his memories of Steve and the life they had together and Agent Coulson is alive. (Each chapter will vary in length)