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  • REYLO | A Tale of Two Lost Stars
    38.4K 1K 29

    They are both "Lost Stars" longing to be found... #REYLO [STAR WARS] [THE FORCE AWAKENS] [THE LAST JEDI] [Spoilers] CURRENTLY EDITING BTW

  • El Diablo ♤ His Fire Queen
    30.9K 917 11

    El Diablo wakes up. His battle for redemption had awakened a new power inside him. In Gotham City he meets Jasmine. A pyrokinetic. Just like him. Lilith Valentina is a telekinetic crime boss. Jasmine was raised by Lilith and has become a weapon of fear. A fearless life is hopeless until she meets Chato Santana: "El...

  • Impure (bxb)
    845 48 11

    Wolfgang Volkova descends from a traditional werewolf pack. But he's lived a normal life until his mother dies when he's five years old. Now, with no living relatives in England, he's sent to his mother's family in Russia. There he learns why she left; as the world of werewolves are divided between the Pureborn and t...

  • Nightfall Academy: Bad Blood
    209 10 3

    A werewolf. A vampire. A ex-hunter. A half-blood. Forced to attend Manhattan's Nightfall Academy, four social outcasts find themselves as the suspects of a dead student. Now they must work together to find the killer and clear their names. All Rights Reserved ©️2020 by BreeWForever

  • Advertise Your Book [ON HOLD]
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  • The Demoness
    67 5 2

    It's 1941 and New York is under dire stress as many young men are enlisting for WWII. Meanwhile in the shadows, the city is being threatened by a bloodthirsty Demoness that's abducting children. Ruth Sinclair has just moved from France to escape the war. She struggles to find her uncle's place when she's attacked b...

  • The Paranormal Department: New York's Gifted
    149 5 3

    "They are not your typical New Yorkers..." The adopted children of retired NYPD Detective, Garth Murdoch Kingsley the III. Become the only hope for New York when its Paranormal Department is brutally murdered by an enemy that's back for vengeance. ----------------------------------------------------- MATURE READ 18+...

  • King of Nightfall
    65 3 3

    Vulkan Vladimir is the Vampire King of Nightfall: ruling the modern underworld of vampires. In the city that never sleeps, he's faced with many challenges: a treaty, disloyalty and now a dangerous lust that literally burns. Her name is Nadia... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mature Read. 18+ ~•~ Copyright © 2017 A...

  • Life is Strange | Epilogue
    98 10 3

    Max tries to cope with the death of Chloe Price.

  • DRAGON AGE: Modest in Temper, Bold in Deed
    246 9 5

    "Heroes are born, not made." His name is Maxwell Trevelyan. A noble. A romantic. A hero. The Inquisitor. This is the story that leads to the fateful Conclave. Filled with heroes you've seen before and others you've never heard of.