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  • The Wests (Epilogue) (Completed)
    172K 4.7K 1

    Take a look into Hunter and Luna's life with kids 8 years from Silent Love.

  • The Cell Phone Swap
    97.3M 2M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • She's With Me
    94.2M 3.4M 66

    | ranked #1 | 08.27.2015| | completed | 08.25.2016| | winner of a Talk of the Town WATTY 2016 | | Winner of The 2016 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | When Amelia Collins moves to a new town to escape her dark past, she just wants to keep her head down and finish her senior year. Her plans change drastically whe...

  • House of Cards Series # 3 One Shots (QoS, KoH)
    339K 5.3K 20

    These are little one shot stories that I wanted to do for my student/teacher romances. These stories show what happened to Alice and Malcolm from Queen of Spades, after their story concluded. These stories will also show the continuation of Westley and Maddison's romance and may include short romance stories of their...

  • [OLD VERSION] Game,Set,Match. (student/teacher)-
    2.2M 27.6K 32

    17 year old Kelly had come to the conclusion that her love life was never going to be the exciting whirlwind she hoped. She had given up trying to find “love” and responded to the admiring stares of her fellow male students the only way she knew how. She was the ultimate player. The abrupt arrival of her dashing n...

  • Black Orchid (Student/Teacher)
    273K 7.4K 26

    I am beautiful. I am sexy. I am seductive. I am Black Orchid. Charlotte Avery is a struggling 18 year old who just wants the best for her little brother Orlando. To support him, she becomes a Queen of Seduction at night and it takes its toll on her. How can one accident of fainting in her principal's arms change h...

  • Kept
    2.3M 68.9K 29

    Taylor found her at a hotel while he was on a business trip. She was in desperate need of help. He was in desperate need of an assistant. He thought he was doing a good deed by taking her in. He had no clue the woman who started out depending on him, would end up making him depend on her in more ways than one. Kaitl...

    Completed   Mature
  • First LOVE (rewriting and major editing)
    8.3M 92.9K 42

    I'm not your average teenage girl. I'm a werewolf. My parents died when I was 13. I have four over protective brothers. My 16th birthday is in a week, And I'm going to shift for the first time. Oh, and did I mention that I would be meeting my mate? _____________________________________ This book was written two...

  • The Cheerleader and The Bad Boy
    22M 442K 58

    “You’re afraid of temptation.” He said pinning me to the wall. “No, I’m not.” I snapped at him. Who am I kidding? Yes, I am. He leaned closer nearly brushing his lips against mine. My breath caught in my throat and he grinned. “Your breath and your pulse give you away, Barbie.” He said not pulling away. “I think you...

  • Virtue and Vice
    11.2M 280K 31

    "If I'm going down, I might as well pick my poison. I pick you." *** A Cobalt Bay Billionaires story. *** She couldn't be sure whether he was her predator or protector... but she was doomed to love him either way. *** It was a summer they will never forget. Young and naive Cassandra Collins finds herself offe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Notice Me
    5.5M 56.2K 46

    Annalise is your typical quiet nerd that is content with blending into the background.. Tristan is the popular captain of the soccer team that all the girls want to be with. Annalise Foster has been Tristan Evans next door neighbor all her life. Their paths in life never seemed to cross as they are from two totally d...

  • Wanting You - EDITING.
    2.6M 43.4K 33

    Wanting something you know you cant have is always tempting. Alexandra was with a guy she thought she'd be with forever. That was until he broke her heart. Hooking up with a random at a wedding probably wasn't the best thing to do, especially when he comes knocking on her door.. Giving her a slight surprise she didn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stupid Cupid
    13.6M 372K 24

    Reed Hadley would gladly spend her day holed up in her room with her dog, watching horror movies or surfing the internet on her trusty laptop. Too bad she is the daughter of one of the biggest matchmakers in the business. As soon as Reed started to develop into what scientist dubbed an adolescent, her mom has been...

  • Marshal's Law
    657K 10.5K 14

    “Has that ‘curl up with hot chocolate and read’ feel to it.” ~*~*~ Monica doesn't believe in life after death. Obligations, certainly. But, after her husband's death, there hasn’t been much ‘life’ to speak of. Just her kids, her farm, and the man who rents it to run his business, Marshal. She decides to change tha...

  • Wanted
    11.5K 530 19

  • The Struggled Experiences
    5.5K 786 13

    © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved When I was a young girl I used to listen to my grandmother telling me her life story. I was the type of girl that pretended to know everything that people used to tell me, I wanted to be known as an intelligent girl so that my mother would be proud of me. My mother was entirely dif...

  • Washed Up and Laid Bare
    434K 18.3K 47

    Robert Swanson is an Ex A lister, facing the prospect of a Z-lister lifestyle. Eager to kick start his comeback, and change public perception, he enlists the help of an uninterested, stubborn, judgemental woman, Lana Carradine. She just so happens to have a proven track record for rescuing public image. Trying to sta...

  • Wedding Woes
    162K 4.1K 22

    Emily's life is pretty boring, work, work, work, with very little play. Then she gets invited to the wedding of the century. With sun, sea and sambucas guaranteed, and a whole host of surprises and disasters ahead, will it be a wedding dream, or a wedding disaster?

  • The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft)
    1.1M 9.2K 47

    After losing her job and her boyfriend on the same day, Lara's beginning to wonder if her life can possibly get any worse. Then along comes Jamie, a childhood friend, offering her a job delivering mysterious packages to random destinations around the world and suddenly things are looking up. Lara packs her bags and s...

  • One Night Stand Gone Wrong
    30.7K 56 38

    I am re-writing this book so stay tuned for the finished story coming up this summer, hopefully around the end of June/ July. A notice will be uploaded on this story when it is done.

  • The Maybe Daddy
    873K 27.4K 30

    Mandy Romer is a 27 year old with ambition, drive, and a party lifestyle. Following the break up with her long term boyfriend, she acts out of character and has a one night stand. Mandy winds up pregnant, and with no memory of the man she slept with, she faces single parenthood alone. A chance encounter reunites the...

  • Bubble Tea Girl
    2.7M 7.7K 28

    Wattpad Featured Story! Julia Hua is a shop girl in Queens, NYC whose passions include spouting witty one-liners and designing girly fashion for a local boutique. When her friend Weilian steals her fashion ideas and rockets to fame, Julia wonders if she should take revenge by stealing Weilian's dreamy boyfriend.

  • Stay Tuned
    1.8M 28.6K 63

    What happens when a #1 news team becomes the top story instead of reporting it? For TV producer Melissa Moore, crisis management comes with the job. From employee disputes to her high-maintenance boss, there’s not much she hasn’t seen or can’t handle. But no one—including Melissa—expects a fistfight during the ten o’c...

  • Spray Painted Bananas
    2.3M 35.3K 34

    Spray Painted Bananas is a romantic comedy about Amber, a broke temp working in a catering firm in London, who after one too many evenings scrounging free wine from wacky art gallery openings with her best friend Farrell, decides there’s no reason she can’t become a conceptual artist herself. A chance meeting with the...

  • Like Yesterday
    7.2M 109K 28

    Have you ever met that one guy? That one guy who once ruined your life? For Reese, the day he left was the happiest day of her life. No more humiliation. No more embarrassing moments. And no more Jace Hamilton. But what if he's coming back? And what if it's not just the moments that are catching up wit...

  • As Long As You're Mine
    458K 7.8K 46

    Nick and Elle. They were the perfect couple. Young, cute, smart, rich, spoiled, and different--they were a match made in heaven. Nick let his perfect relationship go when he decided that skiing was more important than Elle. A year later, they're both in college. The same college. What will happen between Nick and Elle...

  • Hey, Beautiful
    5.1M 127K 37

    Cassidy Williams has always dreamed of having her first kiss the day she gets married. That dream is suddenly ripped from her grasp when Sean James comes along, kissing her out of spite. So now her dream wedding is destroyed, her best friend is pressuring her to join the kissing booth with her, and her enemy won't le...

  • Millie and the American Wedding
    1.6M 30K 19

    Millie accidentally accepts an invitation to be a bridesmaid at an American Wedding in New York. It's Millie’s worst nightmare. Not only has she slept with the groom, but her ex boyfriend (the one that got away) is the best man and he’s married. As her friend, Kristen, gets ready for the best day of her life, Millie...

    208K 5.9K 13

    Autumn has been through hell and back, but now she has two kids and a semi husband. what happens when her dark past resurfaces and Reggie hasnt learned his lesson ,will she stay or ride and die for what she owns? © 2014 Smookieb55 copyright Shu'Darren Samuels

    Completed   Mature