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  • His two roses
    1.3K 74 6

    by Azaron The Triwizard is expanded to include duelling and quidditch tournaments. While the magical world prepares for the most exciting tournament in history, Voldemort is nearing resurrection and Harry Potter is in the middle of it all. A tale of adventure, action, comedy, veelas, dragons, love, lust and arcane mag...

  • Chronicles of Camelot
    1.2K 68 7

    by: DZ2 It started with a kiss: a new Harry emerges and a seemingly impossible destiny is set in motion; with Hermione at his side, however, Harry feels he can do anything: can he? Grey-Super-Harmony

  • Lady Tonks, Lord Potter
    1.4K 93 6

    At the reading of Sirius Black's will several shocking revelations leave Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks reeling. How will things change for them? And what about that crazy, drunken contract between James Potter and Sirius? What will this mean for Harry and Tonks? AU after Order of the Phoenix.

  • Apex
    5K 424 11

    By:Justbored21 Harry has spent years pretending to be someone he was not, but in his fourth year he had finally had enough. He would no longer -resend. Now the real Harry Potter is out, and everything is changing. Dumbledore bashing, Hermione and certain Weasley bashing. Grey/dark Harry HarryxFleurxTonks

  • Inheritance and treachery
    9.7K 435 15

    By: Carthienes Harry Potter claims his inheritance and discovers some unfortunate things about his friends; but the truth of their actions ultimately proves far worse than he could ever have imagined. Based on original Ideas by Rorschach's Blot (Odd Ideas chapter 50 and Lord of Caer Azkaban) WARNING! : Appearances ca...

  • A dish best served cold
    23.6K 932 18

    By: The Wind God Harry's betrayal leads to events that will alter the Wizarding World forever. He will stop at nothing to have his revenge, no matter who he has to go through.

  • A new life down under
    10.2K 473 14

    By: phoenixgirl26 After hearing some plans that other people wanted for him, Harry Potter decides it's time to begin a new life, a new life away from Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore. Hermione bashing, Ginny bashing, Molly Bashing and Dumbledore bashing, no slash, teenage boy/girl relationship. Non canon characters. Som...

  • Loki's Family
    9.3K 431 15

    By: darkoraclegirl Five year old Harry is running from his cousin and friends when he suddenly finds himself in a strange new place, Asgard. There he meets Loki and his life takes a turn for the better.

  • A Change In Perspective
    5.7K 333 14

    By: Roozette Once there was a potions accident... Ha! Harry turns five, much to the distress of the I don't want to be a Death Eater brigade

  • Son of a Hunter
    17.1K 413 19

    By:RWBRyan A forbidden child of the Huntress Artemis has been born, via modern technology. Follow him as he fights the most powerful monsters of Greek Mythology, in order to prove himself to Olympus and the World.

  • Champions
    135K 4.9K 42

    By: Thor's Shadow Harry takes a moment to help another Champion during the Second Task, and the unexpected aftermath forever changes his life. Best ranking: #1 harrypotterandthegobletoffire #1 fleurdelacour #1 harryxfleur #1 ronbashing

  • After the first task
    27.5K 906 19

    By: sheltie This takes place after the first task of the Tri-Wizard tournament. Everything else after it doesn't follow canon. Harry and Hermione stop doing what is expected of them and make alliances.

  • Harry Potter Short Stories
    21.4K 917 36

    Just a book filled with short stories of our favourite wizard Harry Potter. One shots, bashing, romance, canon, crack, parody etc. You name it, it's in this book or atleast will be added. Short story ideas are accepted and welcomed if you want to see a story off a meme or something.

  • The Greatest Prank
    10.3K 500 17

    By: sakurademonalchemist It was supposed to be a joke letter, but it ended up so much more. Who would have guessed that the 'poster child' of the Light side was a closet Pyromaniac with a distinct inability to care about the trauma he causes? Now there's a warlock teaching DADA, there's Death Eaters on fire, and the...

  • On An Island In The Sun
    1.4K 62 5

    You don't like the way this country operates? You think its bureaucrats corrupt, its politicians moronic, its people apathetic sheep? Fine! Go make your own! Story goes to Rorsachs blots

  • The Champions Champion
    17.5K 480 16

    by: DriftWood1965 Harry allows Ron to compete for him in the tournament. How does he fare? This is a Harry/Hermione story with SERIOUSLY Idiot!Ron Bashing. Most impressive rankings: #1 malfoybashing

  • Son of the Storm
    18.4K 687 43

    Once, Thor was James Potter, New Mexico being a refinement of Odin's technique (being murdered didn't do Thor's sanity any favours). After a decade, a mostly reformed Loki restores his memories, introducing Thor's son, Harry, to new family and friends. But soon, ancient secrets emerge along with enemies both old and n...

  • Back to the Beginning
    338K 11.2K 40

    Finding out that some of the Wesley's and Hermione he thought as family had betrayed him, Harry wishes for something that seems impossible. With that single wish, Harry is thrown back into his one year old Body with a mind seeking for revenge. Watch out Hogwarts, a new Harry Potter is taking over. Most impressive ran...

  • Harry Potter and the Veela
    117K 3.3K 25

    All rights go to Z-bond Harry Potter was four years old when The Dark Lord attacked, Harry vanquished the Dark Lord but his baby brother takes all the credit. Dark but not evil Harry! Super Powerful&Smart Ravenclaw Harry. Starts with Harry's fourth year. HP/FD Most impressive ranking: #85 harrypotter #1 in WBWL #2 fle...

  • Change in Destiny
    26.8K 643 12

    Harry name has come out of the Goblet of Fire, and nobody believes he did not enter him self. Well that is accept the most unexpected people. New friends are made in the most unlikely of places. Whilst he loses many old friends he gains many new ones. How will this change the destiny of the Boy who Lived. No slash. Bu...