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  • {COMPLETED} cherry cola 🍒 reddie
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    "you're an idiot, richard tozier." - ©jupiterzmoonz lowercase intended

    Completed   Mature
  • Honey || Reddie
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    It's a little funny how he always tastes like honey - - - - This takes place like in 1991, in this world Pennywise never existed and none of that ever happened. Richie doesn't know Eddie (yet) because he just moved here. Eddie always passes by Richies house on the way home. And he is always carrying a jar of honey. Ri...

  • in love • reddie {completed}
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    In which Sonia Kaspbrak marries Wentworth Tozier for his money.

  • reddie / Oneshots 💙
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    Some reddie stuff. :)

  • Help ~reddie~
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    The sequel to TAKEN so read that first This takes place a year after what happened in taken Character age?? Mike-16 Stan-16 Bill-15 Bev-16 Ben-15 Richie-16 Eddie-15 Henry-17 Patrick-17 Eleven-16 Will-16 Mike (st)-16 Max-16 Warnings Fluff Murder Kidnapping Cussing and homophobic slurs But some adorable reddie moments

  • Home ♡ Reddie
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    "If Eddie had a choice he would've never left Derry. He would've never left Richie."

  • 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝 𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧➹reddie
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    "How do you know if you love someone?"- Richie asked. Bev smirked. "You know you're in love with someone when they're literally your world. You want nothing but happiness for them even if you can't be the one who gives them that. Why Rich, is someone on your mind?"

  • cliché || reddie ✔️
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    "There's not much of a reason for me to stay here. Besides the fact that you're here, Eds."

  • coy ➳ Reddie
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    ❝Derry's gonna have to deal with us, Eddie. If they can't handle us being together, then that's on them.❞ ♚ In which Eddie and Richie haven't talked for awhile, but fall in love again. And now they have to hide it from the homophobic world.

  • Reddie- angsty fic
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    After an argument, Eddie and Richie are getting closer than ever, all the Losers club can see what's going on but will Josh threaten it all? ANGST WARNING (Including Stanbrough, Benverly) Started: 25th October 2017 Finished: 15th January 2018

  • Wait For It || Reddie ✔️
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    [completed] Pennywise is defeated and the Losers Club decide to make the best of their summer before high school. They put their past behind them and look towards a new - hopefully more normal - future. Without a killer clown chasing after the group, their lives get some sort of normalcy. But with secrets being reveal...