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  • What Is and What Should Never Be | Sirius Black
    22.8K 788 26

    Desdemona Castellanos is almost loyal to a fault. When she notices her best friend Remus distancing himself from her, she's determined to find out why, and along the way she's finally introduced to one: James Potter, and one: Sirius Black. Who has lot more in common than what was initially thought. What Is and What...

  • The Night is Young | Hermione Granger
    34.4K 1.6K 22

    Chantal is closed off, she's guarded, she hides her secrets and she hides herself from anyone and everyone. But she can't help herself with Hermione, she can't help but smile and let down her guard around the girl she loves. [I do not share the views of J.K. Rowling, nor do I condone them. The Wizarding World of Harry...