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  • Sweet moments in life (Hetalia x reader one-shots) (Request open)
    309K 5.7K 28

    Welcome to the world of hetalia! Where all kinds of romances happen! Did you know that Romano and Prussia fight over you? Or You lost abet and now you have to dress up and entertain a country? Or Male! Belarus and South Korea both stalk you?! There's alot of things you need to find out! Go read and request! NO YAOI...

  • the Italian lover (Romano x reader) (hetalia fanfiction)(completed,)
    1.2K 17 1

    wrote this in 35 minutes so I deserve good comments wrote this cos I ♥ Romano

  • 2P! xReader: Cupcakes and disaster
    4.3K 183 18

    When Oliver decides to play a game with reader-chan it could get very messy. But not only could he not kill you he started to fall in love with you. Not long after you started to fall in love with your captor. Will you die or will you live a happy live with Oliver Kirkland? Even after all you guys did. Killing and mor...

  • AmericaxReader (Hetalia)
    365 8 1

    Just something I wrote when I was bored. It's not great but hopefully you still like it~.

  • Hetalia x Tsundere!Reader
    1.3K 20 1

    H-hey, idiot, y-yes you! Look over! Okay so, I'm writing a "Hetalia x Reader" story, but the reader is a Tsundere, I just came up with okay!? I've set some guidelines and I'm taking request, not that I need them or anything!

  • Trained Hard Alfie: (AmericaXReader)
    16.2K 344 4

    What happens when you take a quick 'look' at his god-like body.. What did he think when he found out about this madness? A short lemony oneshot between you and a certain sexy american.. Read out to find more..

  • Vampire 2p England X Reader
    5K 140 1

    In this lovely little (and mostly random) group of words, you will find yourself in a relationship with one one most adorable 2p's (in my opinion) to ever roam the mind of myself, I hope you read and I hope you enjoy.

  • Deadly Attraction: 2P!America x Reader x America
    84.8K 2.8K 16

    You were a normal girl living a perfect life. That is, until your foster parents began treating you like an annoyance. Now you've met Allen—mysterious. Rebellious. Gun-obsessed. But he loves you, and he won't let anyone get between you two. Not even your best friend, Alfred; and especially not your parents. Then he gi...

  • How To Annoy France (Hetalia)
    1.5K 58 1

    10 ways to annoy our favorite Frenchman.

  • Found~Spamano
    92.9K 5.9K 23

    After they were split apart, Lovino knew he couldn't be the same without Feliciano. He tried to fix what had fallen, but soon found he lost everything. Well, that is until Spain came along and made him his own little maid. At first, Lovino despises him, but, as he and Spain grows up, something happens to him.... Somet...

  • My Medicine (Hetalia, Reader x Germany)
    1.3K 33 1

    Reader x Germany. You are sick, but you can't miss another day of school, so you try to bear it, but you feel as if you are being watched....find out by who by reading. In this fanfiction, your name is "____" and it's in third person. I do not own Hetalia.

  • What to do? - Neko!America x Reader Oneshot
    1.1K 37 1

    Having a Kitty America can be a handful but none the less fun and adorable. >3<

  • Romano x Reader
    12.4K 344 4

  • Hetalia Romano x Nerd! Reader
    47.6K 2.1K 12

  • Which Hetalia Character are You?
    708 17 1

    so I took this quiz and that's what I got, sooo~ good luck if you take it -^^-

  • The Chibi MerBoy
    226 9 1

    A little story companion for a fanart my friend, SpetsnazTotodile (RussiaRulesAll on dA), drew on her LS last night. I used it for the cover of the story.

  • The Bipolar War
    826 68 3

    Alfred and England have been through many wars together, including the largest, the Revolutionary War. But what would England do if America turn on itself? This story is purely a work or fictional fantasies and my own ideas. I don't own Hetalia, nor the characters in said anime. This shall have yaoi in it, my dearest...

  • Photographer!AmericaxReader
    483 15 2

    Something stupid I wrote that I never finished. I should though... -sigh- Writer's Block, how you upset me so. I do not own Hetalia, nor its characters.

  • France One shots
    9.2K 313 6

    Just some France/Francis one shots that I was asked to make by several awesome people!! Hope you like them! Merci if you read~ comment too~! (Sorry for any awful French and grammar errors XP)

  • 2P!Canada x Reader Fan Fiction: Amnesia
    5.7K 197 5

    As a continuation story from 2P!America x Reader Fan Fiction: Shit Happens, comes another heart-wrencher. After losing his brother, Matthieu didn't know what to do with his life. He ran away, getting as far away from you as possible. He's been MIA for over 5 years since you've seen him, until he shows up out of the...

  • Superman (America x Reader Songfic)
    1.2K 32 1

    I DO NOT OWN ALFRED, BUT HE DOES OWN YOU. I apologize in advance if this is really crappy; I was half asleep and hungry. Anyway! I tried to be as historically accurate as possible, so I'm sorry if something' I'll most likely edit this story later. Until then, Enjoy :)

  • Russia One shots
    10.5K 425 5

    Hey everyone!! This is a collection of Russia/Ivan one shots!!! Leave a comment on what you think of the stories!! hope you like them!! By the way... Russia says read or he'll hit you with his pipe (^J^)~kolkolkolkol (sorry for bad grammar/spelling or the improper use of google translate XP)

  • The Time Travel (AmericaxReader)
    487 15 2

    Alfred finds a time machine and accidentally changes history! Can you, the reader, save the world from his stupid mistake? ((GAH I CAN'T WRITE SUMMARIES)) I don't own Hetalia in any shape or form.

  • Dangerous (2p!America X Reader)
    68.3K 2.1K 16

    !WARNING! THIS STORY IS VERY EXPLICIT AND TRIGGERING FOR SOME PEOPLE! (Y/N) always thought she was gonna live a normal life. She has so far, but when she went into that alleyway.... Oh boy, everything dramatically changed for her. But, why did she have to go into that alleyway? She could've prevented this from happe...

  • Russia X Reader-ONESHOTS
    66.2K 1.7K 12

    Welcome to your fantasy land with Russia~! In this fantasy book, you are going to be showered with oneshots of Russia, Ivan Braginski. Let your fantasy come true in this wondeful book of Russia <3 There won't be any lemons in this because I have another book for that ! If you want a lemon, it will most likely be th...