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  • BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED]
    18.2M 604K 29

    "Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily beatings of the school bully can be challenging. But what happens if the schools bully has a crush on you?

  • Forever Alone
    109 10 4

    "I brought you teddy." I placed the bear in the crook of his arm. "Please wake up. I miss you." I took a breath to try and control the sob, but I ended up choking out the next part with a flood of tears. "I can't do this without you. I need you." This story is to spread awareness to anxiety, depression, and suicide...

  • The Truth
    6.5K 335 17

    Book 3 to Game Over: Hazel Harris had been kidnapped by a manipulative psycho, but now is with him by her own free will. That is... until she finds out the truth. Has he really ever loved her? Warning: *Violence and Strong Language*

  • There's No Escape
    14.2K 668 25

    Book 2 of Game Over: Hazel Harris gets kidnapped once again, but this time by a different kind of psycho. He's way different from his older brother, he's manipulative. Emma, Kyle, and Billy risk their lives to try and find Hazel, but she may be too far gone by the time they get there... Warning: *Violence and strong...

  • Mine
    174 6 4

    His breath tickled the back of my neck which sent a shiver down my spine and a swirl of butterflies down deep into my gut. If it weren't for the situation I was in, I probably would have turned around and kissed him. Warning: Violence, Swearing, and Mature Themes.

  • Her Compound
    13.7K 758 30

    Fight Until Death series, Book 2: Zoe wakes up in another place, this one different from the last. She soon finds out that the people she had thought were the bad guys, really aren't her enemy. There's something darker out there. **Warning** Violence, strong language, and themes that may not be suitable for all audi...

  • His House
    44.9K 1.9K 30

    Fight Until Death series, Book 1: Zoe wakes up in a room with other kidnapped teens and has no idea how she got there. She then soon finds out she has to follow HIS orders, or dies... **Warning** Violence, strong language, and themes that may not be suitable for all audiences. This will be your only warning, but oth...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cellar
    27.8M 600K 33

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...