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  • MR. HANDSOME (vsoo)
    26K 2K 42

    { Forbidden Book -1} Jisoo a Friendly, Naughty, Savage, Pretty girl who never give shit to others except her friendzone and her brother's, fall for her New Physics Professor who just transfer to there Blackpink University because of some reasons. . . . Taehyung the new Physics Professor who is cold and strict, every s...

  • M.A.F.I.A... (vsoo)
    31.8K 1.5K 32

    {Mafia AU Book -1} Where in Jisoo a daughter of Commissioner, held as hostage by Mafia king Kim Taehyung for recusing his brother from her Commissioner dad... Slowly-slowly both fall in love, but Taehyung didn't wanted to label it until he accomplish his revenge.......of his parents death. Let's read what happens... ...

    11.5K 651 20

    Taehyung a comman man who went through loneliness in past but he meet a girl (jisoo)who suppress his loneliness, but they end, he again meet his past loved as her personal bodyguard... What will happen when they meet, will they get together again or not...

  • YOUR SMILE (vsoo)
    9.9K 556 20

    Taehyung a CEO of his own gaming company fall in love with a medical student (Jisoo) at first site because of her precious SMILE😊... While Jisoo a smart, extrovert last year student fall in love with unknown guy who she always meet by coincidences, is it just a coincidence or something else... Let's read what happens...