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  • Voltron: Legendary Defender (Various x Reader!)
    339K 6.1K 27

    This show is great, I highly recommend you watch it if you haven't already! If you'd like, you can request! I personally loved this show and here I am again, currently writing about my love for the characters. Please watch it, let's talk about how adorable Keith is! [R E Q U E S T S C L O S E D] [I DO NOT OWN THE CH...

  • Saigenos/Genosai One-shots
    20.6K 701 7

    Just One shots of Saitama and Genos..together. [Art is not owned by me]

  • Intractable Emotion. (A GerIta fanfic)
    153K 5.7K 36

    As Ludwig and Feliciano become closer, Ludwig starts to realize that he might feel more for the small country than just friendship. But, when Feliciano is oblivious for Ludwig's lust for him and clings to him like a child, will Germany be able to control his feelings for him, or will he have to seclude Italy out of hi...

  • Remember! (Hetalia, Greece X Turkey)
    15.5K 469 9

    I own nothing but the plot in the story!

  • ONE PUNCH MAN [ One Shots ]
    60.9K 900 17

    OPM one shots (2000 words and below) collection by yours truly, Composed of the following genres: ☆ Daily lives/Comedy ¤ Yaoi (Boy-Boy romance) ♡ Shoujo (Girl-Boy romance) € Funny pictures (Uncredited) 》My drawings (Rarely lololol) Everything would just be OPM random fandom shits. Call me Saitamatard, I don't care...

  • Impulse x Reader: Boredom Busted
    16.6K 544 7

    my first reader insert be nice!

  • One Punch Man. One Shots
    80.6K 2.8K 15

    The world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause disasters but it is also a world full with really attractive heroes, villains and an extremely strong egg head that defeats bad guys with a single punch. (=゜ω゜) Here are some x readers one shots because everyone deserves love (*・∀・*)人(*・∀・*) ...

  • Only You ( KilluGon )
    34.7K 2K 50

    Killua and Gon face their hardships together, but it seems the problems never end. They face relationships, accidents, gangs, even the new trouble boiling up in school. God, when can these two get a break. (-Admin A) I wrote this story in 7th grade. It's "edgy" and I regret all of it but people seem to like this for...

  • Seeing You Again (KilluGon) [COMPLETED]
    47K 2.3K 18

    Killua and Gon have been separated for months. Killua feels like something is missing and he doesn't know why he feels this way. He feels something towards Gon that he has never felt towards anyone. This love is different from the love he shares with Alluka. Gon has been missing Killua since the day that they separate...

  • Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios~
    133K 3.5K 26

    Yeah,there are millions of these out there but I decided to write mine These will include: •Axis •Allies •Nordics •Spain,Romano,Prussia,Switzerland,Poland and Scotland •Romania,The Baltics,The Mediterranean Trio,Austria,Australia and Seborga. get ready for the shit I write!:D Authoress,Mais M. Mizuki

  • "China Is Me, Don't You Recall" (China X Reader)
    11.5K 495 13

    Life was pretty odd for someone like you. Your father was a rich millionaire who you rarely acknowledged since he always was busy with work and money. You didn't have much friends to talk to anymore. But all those things never mattered, ever since you were a child, you had these odd dreams with this strange man. Howev...

  • Genos X Reader Oneshots! (With Lemons)
    3.5K 42 2

    This is my first Fanfic ever be gentle to me! I'm sorry if my grammar is bad! You are free to request~ (ノ^o^)ノ [I do not own One Punch Man or any of the characters! I own the plot and the story only!]

  • Robotic Heart (Genos x Reader)
    401K 11.3K 28

    A series of one-shots all about our favorite cyborg. Goes from a variety of smut to fluff. I do not own One Punch-Man all rights reserved to One and Yusuke Murata .

    Completed   Mature
  • Miss Improper
    13.1K 681 30

    [Pirate!Spain x Reader] "Out there, in the hellish blue seas, the pirates are the demons who control it." Straight posture. Polite speeches. Forced sweet smiles. You lived up a stifling life of being a rich noble, always being expected to act lady-like and one day inherit your father's oil company. But your adventurou...

  • Germany x reader lemon
    34.1K 278 2

    Germany (Ludwig) from hetalia lemon

  • Want To Love You (UsUk Lemon one-shot)
    1.8K 42 1

    In all honesty, I'm supposed to be doing my Trig homework. So, enjoy this UsUk lemon one-shot I'm writing instead!

    Completed   Mature
  • Frisky Iggy (UsUk Lemon)
    11.5K 260 1

    WARNING: Yaoi aka Boy x Boy... LEMON... If you don't like, then don't read.. SIMPLE :D *This is my first fanfic, so please feel free to leave any helpful comments :3 other wise i hope you like it!* Arthur finally has a day to kick back and relax, but that is ruined by Alfred, who decides to stay at Arthur's for the th...

  • USUK lemon
    31.1K 565 3

    after a big argument England and America are forced into a closet by the "Bad touch trio" And are forced to face one another, find out what happens when the two are locked in a hot, stuffy closet~

  • Russia X Reader-ONESHOTS
    57.4K 1.6K 11

    Welcome to your fantasy land with Russia~! In this fantasy book, you are going to be showered with oneshots of Russia, Ivan Braginski. Let your fantasy come true in this wondeful book of Russia <3 There won't be any lemons in this because I have another book for that ! If you want a lemon, it will most likely be th...

  • America x Reader Lost (ONE SHOT)
    6.5K 124 2

    You are America's best friend and your his secret crush. But what happens when you catch America doing something you didn't want to see especially since he was suppose to watch you in the talent show. What kind of secret could you also be hiding that could change you and America forever.

  • New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)
    7.6M 254K 104

    You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from next door, you never would have guessed who you're living next to... Romance is blooming, but it isn't all tiny boxes and rainbows. The Internet is...

  • You Know You're Hamilton Obsessed When...
    43.7K 4.7K 59

    Book #2 in the "You Know You're ______ When" series.

  • Hetalia SFW and NSFW One-Shots
    77.2K 1K 11

    Mix of Old Hetalia fics I did years ago. They suck ass just to let you know. Oh and theirs smut. Really bad smut actually. If you want better smut then get into my more recent fandoms. (At the point of writing this it would be my Heathers fics)

    Completed   Mature
  • Surprise (a lams fanfic) DISCONTINUED
    134K 6.3K 37

    just another lams thing bro |-/ written by cassidy |-/

  • All of Me
    4.4K 181 1

    Germany can't express his love for Italy through words because the cheerful little Italian just leaves him speechless; tongue-tied. So Zhe Awesome Prussia suggests that his younger brother do it through a song. Song-fic: All of Me - John Legend I don't own any of these characters. All rights go to the Hetalia creator...

  • America X Country Reader : Rookie
    29K 970 11

    You're the new country of the Hetalia crew! You're going to a World Meeting until you bump into "the hero"~ (America X Reader Insert) ~~~ART IS NOT MINE AND BELONGS TO ITS BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, RIGHTFUL OWNER!!! IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF ANY ART THAT IS USED PLEASE JUST COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TAKEN DOWN! I DO NOT MEAN TO...

  • Only Human (America x Reader Fanfic)
    33K 1.6K 16

    You and Amelia Jones always go to McDonald's (because Amelia loves McDonald's and can't stop loving it). But you never noticed that someone that becomes a special part of your life works there. And that is Amelia's cousin, Alfred F. Jones.

  • Te Amo <3 (A Spamano Fanfic)
    36.5K 1.8K 11

    Part 1: When Romano gets kicked out of South Italy by his people he goes to Spain for help. Can Spain help heal his heart and become the father he always wanted to be? Will Romano get back South Italy and become a country again? Part 2: Romano has regained his place as part of South Italy and starts to become distant...

  • Spamano One-Shots {On Hiatus}
    203K 6.7K 43

    Just a collection of one-shots that focus on Spamano (OTP!!!). Warning: some of these may be pretty depressing, or really cute which will make you people explode (mainly cute)! :D Well, maybe not explode, but I will try my best to make these one-shots the best as they possibly can be! Enjoy! :3