• Bridal Shower (Published Under POP FICTION)
    • mercy_jhigz
    • 56 parts
    11.3M 109K

    Is Love really sweeter the second time around?

  • Memoirs of the Casanova's Wife (Completed)
    • loveorhatethisgurl
    • 24 parts
    1.3M 16.3K

    Only death can make us apart and can bring us back together. Book 2 of Marrying the Casanova

  • A night with Mr. Arrogant
    • tonguetiedbabe
    • 54 parts
    3.1M 29.5K

    (Tagalog)Just one night would change it all. Nina had a complete and perfect life-- Thats what she thought until she met the man who captured her heart. Typ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Be Still my Heart
    • KpopLollipop
    • 51 parts
    26K 344

    My life's too plain before he came, now I don't know if I should thank him because of the heartaches he caused me.. Pero tulad ng sinabi nila.. This is the co...

  • HIS HIRED BABY MAKER (Completed)
    • witcheverwriter
    • 32 parts
    6.7M 78.2K

    HUNKINGS Series #1 : Chace Daniel Fontillejo is the name. D'you wanna be His Hired Baby Maker?

    Completed   Mature
  • Marrying the Casanova (Published under VIVA-Psicom)
    • loveorhatethisgurl
    • 87 parts
    8.9M 53.4K

    Mia did everything para lang mapansin siya ng unreachable Casanova of Livingstone University. Then she found out na naka arrange na pala ang marriage niya with...

  • My Girl, My Friend
    • simplypatrick19
    • 32 parts
    202K 1.5K

    "He is 24. She is 16." As Alvin sits in a swing beside a river, he opens a scrapbook which brought back memories of a girl named Julie, his long-time neighbor...

  • The Princess' Heart (Completed)
    • loveorhatethisgurl
    • 64 parts
    4.2M 33.6K

    Love story of Yumi and Kurt's daughter named Louise Princess Montefalcon..

  • Kasal-kasalan...Ligaw-ligawan.
    • jsloves2read
    • 24 parts
    266K 3.7K

    It started with a game of weddings...years later Elise meets her "husband" once again but this time they have to pretend to be a couple in love for her to get...

  • Operation Break the Casanova's Heart (Published Book)
    • alyloony
    • 72 parts
    24M 226K

    Operation Break the Casanova's Heart 10 Steps to Success: Step 1. Make him notice you. Step 2. Differentiate yourself from other girls. Step 3. Get an invite...