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  • Australia's Brother - Yandere! Canada x America CanAme CountryHumans
    295 71 8

    Canada is your average high school student in his senior year. He had a bad home life before leaving him a bit reserved and "odd" to some of the other kids. That was until he put on this "mask" of sorts, making him portray himself to everyone as a kind friendly kid. Everyone who knew him before high school would alway...

  • Beneath The Surface
    94.2K 2.4K 19

    In an attempt to get the two bickering countries to get along, Alfred and Ivan must spend one month together in one of Alfreds homes. In a house set back into the woods, these two countries are going to grow closer together and learn more about eachother then anyone else has before. Even a few things that they never w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stranger - RusAme Fanfic CountryHumans
    364 35 5

    America's your average college student, pretty popular among his peers and has relatively good grades. He's moved far away from his family to envelop himself in his new adult life. He works a job at a diner, nothing too special but it pays the bills. Life is as normal as it could be until an odd man comes into the caf...

  • America x world oneshots
    24.3K 194 17

    Because we need more story's like this. Note most of these will be Sub America though I am not against Dom America there will not be many. I also take requests as long as there not x reader or nyo! America x non nyo! Country, though I am warming up to the concept but not enough to write it. Also I am a procrastinator...

  • Countryhumans oneshots
    161K 2K 40

    Alright people. As you can tell from the title that the story is about Countryhumans 🥴 The ships really change around but it's mostly Russia x America 💖 ⚠️ Warning⚠️ I used to ship Soviet x Reich so you might see that in earlier chapters in this book! P.S: You probably seen my story when it was Jesus x Noah onesh...

  • Oneshots of Whatever (mainly Countryhumans) (Finished-ish)
    42.2K 920 120

    Random Oneshots I come up with And my readers And my friends :)

    Completed   Mature
  • And Now, The Products of The World!
    11.1K 252 35

    Hi, I'm Redreddraws3, and this is my first time making a oneshot book! This book exists because I have ideas that I wanna write, but I didn't have a book to write them in, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Yes, this is an America oneshot book. I wouldn't call it World x America where the whole world love...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unbreakable bond - CanAme CountryHumans Fanfic (SEQUEL)
    680 51 6

    (This is a continuation of the fanfic "A brothers bond" by me. Please read that book first before reading this one. Thank you.) America lives a happy life. A loving husband, playful kid, and comforting friends. The events years ago still haunt him, but he's trying his best to overcome them. Or at least that was until...

  • 【 Open | Countryhumans Oneshots】
    125 2 1

    ✧ :・゚➽ nvctlcam ー 🎈 ◡̈ ଂ ﹀﹀﹀﹀ ︶︶ ⸝⸝ ꒰ https://nvctlcam。com/ch-oneshots ┊requests : open! ┊feel free to request anything! please comment it in ┊the requests page, and i'll do it when i have time!~ ┊oh and don't request nsfw or smut here bcs i have ┊a seperate book for it, thx! ╰─────────────────────────────

  • America oneshots hetalia
    4.4K 89 15

    So uh well I have a few ideas but I'll write one of them and after you can request or dm me

  • USUK oneshots
    110K 3.5K 35

    [completed] A lovely collection of heartwarming USUK shorts. If you don't ship it you'll still love them, and if you do you'll love them even more. USUK forever!!!

  • Betrayed - Hetalia
    28.1K 715 20

    Rusame and perhaps, some Prussia x America. Russia and America have been a thing for quite some time. Everyone and their mother knew. However, one night, Russia's needs just could wait and China was right there...

  • 🌹Emerald Rose🌹
    10.2K 352 13

    After witnessing the desturction of his Royal Naval ship, Alfred Jones ends up as a survivor and under the mercy of one of the most infamous and dangrous men to sail the seven seas, Captain Arthur Kirkland himself. To his surprise, the Captain seems intent on keeping him alive rather than dead and makes him a member o...

  • He is America (Hetalia fanfic)
    22.6K 486 10

    Alfred goes into a coma following the tragedy of 9/11. Follow us as we see the reactions of his visitors: the FACE family, the G8, some Nordics, the Awesome trio, and maybe some random guest. What will they do once they see their fallen companion, who just an hour prior to that day's events was happier than life? warn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mortality, My Worst Enemy
    7.6K 251 7

    America is a kind soul, so is it any surprise that America donates his bone marrow to children hospitals? Befriending his "marrow match" Caleb, the two grow so much that America even hosts a meeting for him. Of course, America knows that Caleb is human and won't live forever like him. But just how long will America la...

  • My World's Enchantment
    1.3K 35 1

    As I announced to everyone, this is specifically of World x America oneshots. This is mostly my own oneshots, of course you may request some, however it will be rare for me to accept it. So, I hope you don't mind that. Please don't get offended, and annoyed with my writing. I NEVER meant to offend anyone. Anyways, I h...

  • World x America (DISCONTINUED)
    35.3K 561 61

    In this book you can request anything, you can request for an adventure or ship with a country. But on one note only he must MUST be Uke. Also I'm sorry but you cannot request for smut since I'm bad at it

  • The Secret
    107K 3.8K 22

    Everyone knows of the fierce competition the Soviet Union and United States were locked in for decades after the Second World War. The stockpiling of weapons, launching to space and other events that changed history. There was a secret, though, that the two personified nations did not even tell their bosses. A secret...

  • Love Through the Ages
    30.3K 692 59

    Alfred had always been a late bloomer. Through puberty to love, he was always last. None of it clicked. Love was disgusting and icky, why would anyone like it? All it did was cause heartbreak and sorrow. Maybe with some help he could learn the ins and outs. And maybe, just maybe, fall in love. Who knows? (One-shot boo...

  • The North American Trio
    170K 5.3K 75

    A series of one-shots about The North American Trio (America, Canada, and Mexico) Will occasionally have Greenland and other countries from the Americas.

  • My Little Sunflower [RusAme]
    65.3K 2.3K 12

    I'm not all that great at descriptions ;A; I just hope you enjoy my fan fiction~ It has several tidbits of other ships as well~ There is also some sexual themes in the chapters, so if you are not comfortable with it, please do not read! ^J^

  • Nations And Their Antics (hetalia fanfiction)
    35.7K 940 17

    I honestly don't know what to say anymore just read if you like... I don't own any hetalia, music, pictures, quotes, etc. UP FOR ADOPTION

  • The America Protection Squad (APS)
    141K 3.1K 53

    This idea came to me after reading an amazing book that is still in development by an amazing writer. This book is where people can sign up and protect the cinnamon roll we all know and love, America. I will also be putting in headcannons of what the APS dose to protect him and will accept any headcannons that you guy...

  • Two Alphas And An Omega
    1.4K 75 3

    Alfred has to share his dorm with two alphas,Ivan and Vladimir, due to him not being able to afford an all omega dorm. He learns to become friends with his roommates and maybe that turns into more.

  • Anything Could Change ( A RusAme Fanfic)
    12.8K 432 4

    Alfred sets out to go to Russia for a world meeting when suddenly Ivan starts acting weird around him. Like they aren't even friends.. Do things work out?

  • World x Uke!America oneshots
    30K 283 9

    Request away, but before you do that, I shall tell y'all something... Just read the authors note.

  • We Are North America (The Great North American War)
    37.2K 1.3K 24

    Confedrancy won, America's dead. The United States of America is now the United Confederate States of America. The whole world wants the good ole U.S.A back. France, Spain, and England miss their son, their other former colonies miss their brother. South America want their cousin back. America's old friends want their...

    Completed   Mature
  • American Shenanigans
    263K 5.6K 37

    America has quite a few points about him that make him stand out! The gravity defying ahoge, the Hollywood smile, his ginormous appetite for burgers, and glasses! Wait.... What are those glasses for? Wait sorry what IS up with those glasses?! What the-?! AMERICA IS A WHAT?! (Basically a bunch of chapters talking about...

  • A Patriotic Reunion (A Hetalia Story)
    26K 611 6

    It has been over 200 years since the death of America's beloved father, George Washington. Now, at a world meeting, something completely unexpected happens. Someone special decides to finally pay America a visit again.

  • (Hetalia) America Oneshots
    79.4K 1.3K 41

    Just some oneshots of America x everyone in hetalia. I guess I read to many amechu oneshots. XD Also America must be a uke! And some Fem!America will be in this. I also do requests! :D Me in 2018: Y'all see that Uke!America thing? Yeah, that don't matter. Well it kinda but, not much. So, y'all can skim past that...

    Completed   Mature