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  • Anarch - Ziall Horlik *slow updates*
    47.7K 2.8K 15

    In the small town of Ely, prone to animal attacks and bad weather, lives Niall Horan and his misfit band of best friends. When a new kid moves to his school, all the way from Romania, he stirs up some trouble between the gang. When the animal attacks get more frequent due to their new visitor, Niall can't help but fee...

  • Till Death Do Us Part - Ziall/Ziam
    12.8K 234 2

    Zayn is married to Liam, he's happy for a while. Until he starts his new job as a photographer. Did I mention it was for play boy? There he meets the gorgeous blond hair, blue eyed Niall Horan. The not so innocent snowflake makes Zayn fall in love with him unknowingly. Zayn has an affair with Niall and Liam doesn't fi...

  • Tattooed Heart [Ziall] (Very Slow Updates)
    13.3K 502 10

    Zayn Malik has anger issues, ones he's picked up from his father. After years of being abused, he begins abusing people, whether with words or punches, who stand in his way. Niall Horan has abandonment issues, ones that have been with him since his childhood. It wasn't necessarily abandonment, just losing people to ba...

  • Alcatraz
    260K 12.9K 44

    Zayn Malik. One of the most notorious gangsters of the twenty-first century. Niall Horan. Just your average University journalism student. The two were so different from each other. They were never supposed to come in contact at all. They were never supposed to form a bond. But most of all, they were never supposed t...

  • Over Again - Ziall (Sequel to "Just One Time")
    30K 1K 16

    Niall is free. After four days of being locked inside a house from his kidnapers, he is free. But what happens when Niall realizes that he doesn't want to be free... that he'd rather stay locked in a house as long as Zayn was with him. He is hurt because he gave Zayn everything while he didn't even say goodbye. Was Z...

  • My Mystery Lover (Ziall AU)
    100K 2.6K 13

    "Targeting?" Niall questioned, finally glad he could get some answers. "He won't stop 'til you surrender. He'll do whatever it takes. He'll hurt whoever just to have you. He'll protect you, He'll care for you and even though it may not seem like it now, He loves you." He said in monotone but every word hit Niall like...

  • Escape (Ziall Horlik)
    211K 10K 34

    "Did you honestly think I would't find you, Blondie?" Zayn crossed his arms. "Actually, I hoped you wouldn't.. But yeah somewhere in there." Niall says. "Sassy, are we?" Zayn put on and amused smirk. "Zayn, you can't get away with it this time. I have friends. They'll report me-" "But I texted them all. Saying you had...

    Completed   Mature
  • Demon [z.h.]
    4.5K 353 7

    Welcome to the Maze, a mission that will test just how far you can push yourself. We have wiped your and everyone else's memories, so don't panic when you can't remember anything, not even your own name. This maze is a series of twists and turns, and every day you and the rest of the group will need to reach the secti...

  • Quirky Me [Ziall] (Punk!LilacNiall) {Coming Soon To WiFi Near You}
    7.2K 176 1

    quirk-y: characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits. ❝ But you're a trouble maker. You're an outcast in society. ❞ ❝ And you're not? ❞ ❝ Touché. ❞ [Starting After I finish SBWHS and SBMS]

  • Runaway Prince | ziall || UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    53.2K 1.4K 21

    this book is under construction. if you're reading and some parts overlap, that's because i'm editing this book fully, changing from first person to third person, and all the little parts that i just don't like anymore. there will be no updates until i finish editing fully. thank you and have a nice day :) Mullingar...