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  • The Things We Lost (Dan Smith Fanfic)
    5.2K 166 27

    'Why does the name dan smith sound familiar?'

  • overjoyed | dan smith
    21.3K 790 51

    depression and messed up child hoods. friends aren't always as they seem

  • THE Young AND the Younger {a dan smith fanfic bastille}
    82.5K 2.1K 68

    "I don't want somebody else, I want you"

  • Better Judgement (Dan Smith/Bastille) -COMPLETED-
    18K 641 21

    Alba Dawson: the prettiest, most popular girl in school. She has everything she wants and everyone bows down to her. Everyone apart from the mysterious new Dan Smith and friends. These two personalities do not mix well. In just 24 hours, Alba goes from popularity queen to nobody wanting to know her name. Being replac...

  • sanctuary (a bastille/dan smith fanfic)
    18.1K 644 35

    One day a 17 year old Dan gets a phone call from his travelling parents, saying something terrible has happened. They'll be home soon, and there will be a guest with them. A story about: grief, love, dealing with problems and a little bit of humor. (This story is old, has kinda bad grammar, but it's fun none the less...

  • Underage, A Dan Smith Love Story
    15.7K 534 29

    Arabella Shea is a 17 year old with a passion for music, though she's too shy to share it. That was until she met a handsome stranger in a bar on New Year's Eve. With a fake ID and stomach full of alcohol, Arabella fools the stranger into a 'one night stand'. Now 18, Arabella goes back to the strangers home, for somet...

  • The Singer And The Painter (Bastille)
    15.1K 644 70

    Art: Noun: A piece of work that is appreciated primarily for its beauty or emotional power. Common forms: Music, Paintings, Friendship...

  • Don't Leave Me Hanging
    14.6K 538 34

    Being friends with Dan from Bastille seems like a normal thing to Mia. She soon learns its not easy. With Dan and the guys touring all the time, to Mia traveling for work, she hardly ever gets to see her childhood best friend. As time goes, Mia starts to develop feelings for her Dan. Will she be able to confess her fe...

  • Luke and the Boy Next Door | Muke
    232K 18.1K 34

    Luke Hemmings had been neighbors with Michael Clifford for as long as he could remember. Playing outside in the warm California air, having late night conversations through their windows that were right across from one another. It was everything a child could want at the age of 11. Michael had been traveling the coun...

    Completed   Mature
  • the purge ↠ fivesauce
    133K 6.1K 17

    ❝ united, we purge. ❞

  • Stay With Me || Lashton ||
    324K 13K 56

    Ashton was troubled. Luke was innocent. Running away from problems is Ashton's specialty but what happens when all his running leads him to Luke?

  • Rags Meets Riches (Lashton AU)
    2.6M 114K 34

    Ashton is a Rich boy who just wants to have fun in his life. So, when he moves and explores the city of Sydney, only to meet Luke, the rebellious punk of the town, his world flips and Luke teaches him to live a little and be carefree. However, his parents and Luke's friends don't like the two hanging out so much. Punk...

  • Stepbrothers [Lashton] ✔
    1.2M 44.7K 2

    Ashton wouldn't have thought that the boy he met during the summer, the boy who he had an affair with, was the boy who was going to be his new stepbrother. Copyright © youthfullashton 2014 German translation : @Nora_is_a_penguin Spanish translation : @Deiv17 Polish translation : @_hotmess

    Completed   Mature
  • snapshot - ashton irwin
    1.1M 62.2K 21

    alright, students. your final project is due a month from today. i'd like you to take a picture of the most beautiful thing you can find.

  • Notes {L.H. + A.I.} || Lashton ||
    955K 33.9K 261

    The notes passed between Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin

  • The Young And The Hopeless || Cashton
    58.2K 3.8K 25

    And that's when I realized I fell in love with the boy at the metro station. 2014 all rights reserved © -ymas-