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  • Her smile,His world
    61.4K 3.4K 41

    'I want to consume her. I want her universe to revolve around me. I want her to take all of me and leave nothing of me. I want to bask in her fire and let it burn me completely.' ~*~ Tashi William , a 18 years old girl, she is everything he is not , but she has everything he wants. She has her own demons although she...

  • When The Heart Lies
    131K 13K 49

    #3 in General Fiction [17-08-2018] BOOK 2 OF THE HEARTS SERIES. THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES IS RECOMMENDED AS IT WILL HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THE SECOND ONE BETTER. _______ UPDATES: TUESDAY AND FRIDAY _______ "Time has brought me ahead and left you behind. There's so much distance to cover. So much that you'll never reac...

  • Five Steps To Be Broken Hearted
    340 24 3

    Here are the five steps before you got yourself broken hearted; First, he got your attention. Second, he got to know you. Third, he asked you to be his. Fourth, here comes the fight. Fifth, he left. [this story will be up on Radish] © Copyrights Reserved.

  • How To Be The Best Third Wheel
    696K 49.4K 46

    *Wattpad featured story* Highest rank: #4 in Humour "Hang with us!" they said. "It'll be fun!" they said. Yeah, not too fun when all your friends are making out with their boyfriends and you're stuck in a corner pretending to be scrolling through your text messages when you'd be better off sneaking away from the premi...

  • The Cuddle Pact
    477K 24K 36

    〚ex-featured.〛 ❝I have all the money in the world, and all you want from me is a cuddle?❞ ❝Well, I need you to cuddle me to sleep. Sleep to me is worth more than any cash you could give me.❞ He slowly grinned and his hand emerged from the pocket of his expensive slacks. ❝Then we have ourselves a cuddle pact.❞ extended...

  • Fake Number
    13.7K 1K 46

    "Hey cute guy I met in Starbucks!" "Um.. hello? I'm sorry but I don't work in Starbucks" "Oh shit, did I type the number in wrong?" ...

  • Living With The Jerk
    91.5K 1.7K 20

    Alexis Wattson, A nice girl in a small town that does everything she can to do her best, But her best is just not enough for her father.. She does her chores, all of her home work and even helps out with tutoring after school but her father continues to put her down and stress her out, her father has always disapprove...

  • Once
    17K 628 8

    |You can never change a devil| He offered me a contract to pay off my debt. But, little did I know that the contract was going to bound me to him forever.

  • My Dearest Omega
    91.5K 3.6K 19

    Dear Hidden One, I don't know who your mate is, but he is worthless for not being able to find his own mate. I am an alpha, and it is my duty to ensure the happiness of my pack. You're in my pack, so I promise that I'll help you find your happiness. I promise. -The Alpha -------------------- My Dearest Series

  • Saving His Broken Mate
    135K 4.8K 23

    Poor Scarlett Winters, bullied by her brother and her pack for most of her life, she's lost confidence in herself. She dreads her 16th birthday becuase she knows that one day she will find her mate. Only she didn't expect it to be Jake Parker, the upcoming Alpha. Scarlett is afraid and won't accept the truth. And the...

  • Lost Memories
    45.7K 1.9K 15

    She's a hurricane. A hurricane he wished to avoid at every cost. When Andrew moves to town he had plans to stay under radar and out of trouble. With a screwed up past and an even more screwed up family all he wants to do now is start afresh and never look back. Too bad, just one meeting with the girl he thought he wou...

  • Nixon
    1.8M 85.2K 85

    Never speak unless spoken to. Never look into his eyes. Never step out of line. Never speak his name. Never turn your back to him. And most of all...never talk about past Luna in front of him. Why? Because he killed his Luna, so the rumors say. <><> DISCLAIMER: This book contains mature content. Lan...

  • The Unexpected Roomate.
    269K 5.6K 20

    Kyra Hunt lived with her Mom and Aunt. Her next door neighbor? Jeydon Colt. The most popular guy in all of Hull High. Kyra is a quiet to herself type. Jeydon on the other hand, loud and obnoxious. So you think you already know how this story goes huh? They lock eyes with each other and fall madly in love, you say? Not...

  • Relationship With My Best Friend
    14K 560 4

    "Caleb," I gasp, not able to help the sound from escaping my lips. It shouldn't come as a surprise that he's standing in front of me, we did come to the party together, but it's his anger that stuns me. "Jeremy, Ensley, really?" He growls, moving closer to me. My chest begins to heave rapidly, something I seem to hav...

  • Micah King | ✓
    1.9M 53.6K 88

    "you shouldn't forgive the devil so easily"

  • His Deceit(The beauty & the possessive series 1)
    151K 9.2K 32

    KELLY & STEPHEN Kelly Jane had a huge crush on Stephen ever since the moment she laid eyes on him. Even though he has a bad reputation when it comes to women, she didn't mind at all. She was contented just by watching him from afar. But when he finally noticed her and courted her, she grabbed that chance and said yes...

  • He Is Her Beta | Bad Boy x Bad Girl |
    142K 9K 25

    ❝The more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them.❞ * Beta Ezra Harland gives a new definition to the words 'Tall, Dark and Handsome'. His bad boy ways, sweet as fuck charms, horny as hell Beta-blood and big heart make him the most irresistible combination to walk the earth. The cherry on the...

  • Something Complicated Part II
    69.3K 3.3K 20

    She went to college. She went to law school. She did everything the way she'd planned to. Sadly, things are still just as complicated. Kristina has just been fired, and in her desperation for work, finds herself exactly where she was almost a decade ago. Except now, everything is different. *** I lock the door behind...

  • Nightly Beast
    1.2M 35.6K 57

    "He has no heart." "His howl can cause an earthquake." "He craves the blood of the innocent." "He kills like it's only a sport." "Lock your windows and your door, barricade your streets and pray for your safety because The Beast is on the hunt tonight. And he's looking for his next victim." »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»...

  • Best Friends with the Player
    14.5M 237K 42

    Kimberly Taylor was a quiet, shy girl with no friends growing up, until Kindergarten when Asher Knight changed that. It's now been eleven years since they've become best friends, and they both have come a long way. Asher Knight has become one of Jefferson High's players and all-star jock. Popular, good looking, funny...

  • You Taste Like Strawberries
    10M 227K 34

    Highest Rank- #1 in Teen Fiction & #7 in Humor While I touched myself, my phone rang. I groaned when I picked up the phone. "Hello." "You have a tight kitty." I gasped. "Who is this?" I asked. "Look inside your closet." Credit Cover:@GlueEater You Taste Like Strawberries. © 2017. All Rights Reserved.This work is...

  • The Bet
    103 4 3

    Hazel Rose Watson lived in a world of chaos. Most people would have complained endlessly if they were in her situation but, Hazel never made a peep about it. She faced her problems head on every time, and never failed to be stronger than what was trying to push her down. Hazel's number one responsibility was m...

  • The Bad Boys Girlfriend
    9.6K 224 5

    Emily Gold is every guys dream girl. Perfect hair, perfect body. Every guy wants her, every girl wants to be her. She never goes for any of the guys and doesn't talk to most of the girls. Everyone thinks her life is perfect. They couldn't be more wrong. She didn't think her life could get more complicated, until she m...

  • His Breaking Point
    12.8K 472 18

    She was the first one who fought him, mentally and physically. She was his breaking point. Without her he couldn't live. → All Rights Reserved ©Tigress- | 2017 ←

  • He's My Alpha ✔ HIATUS
    76.9K 3.6K 10

    || Highest Ranking | #84 || I froze, my eyes gazing upon the greek god in front of me. His profound upper body was easily visible under his well fitted shirt. His jawline framed his well proportionate face, eyelashes as long as his trapezius muscles. His scent oddly reminded me of a minty pine forest; fresh and clean...

  • Rejecting his Unique Mate
    653K 22.6K 65

    Highest Rank : #47 in werewolf He looked at me with disgust filled in his chocolate brown eyes as he said the words that completely shattered what little remains of my heart was left. "I, Blake William, future Alpha of the Starlight pack, reject you Naeva Winters as my mate and Luna." But what I said...

  • Loving Your Best Friend (boyxboy)
    9.8K 350 26

    Jack Blackthorn is the "it" boy at school. Captain of the ice hockey team, on his way to play in the NHL, girls at his feet and friends at his sides. His best friend, Cole Hall; baseball prodigy and the only person he trusts outside of his family. However, Cole has a secret...he is in love with his best friend.

  • Rejection at its Finest
    87.4K 4K 34

    "Thalia, run and don't look back!" Rejection is a bitch It hurts, It sucks, And you can never run away from it. Even after three years, the rejection by your mate comes back to bite you in the ass...Literally. Scarlett Montgomery was rejected by her "mate", and even after leaving for THREE years, the rejection comes b...

  • The Gilbert in the Shadows
    112K 3.5K 89

    Things tend to change when you lose your best friend/crush to your older sister. Things tend to change when your parents die in an accident. Elena was with them but survived. Things tend to change when you're a victim of date-rape. Things tend to change when you live in the shadow of your own sister.

  • You're Mine
    7.9M 237K 72

    "You're mine. And no one else's, got that?" Hunter asked looking down at me with a serious expression displayed on his face. Cover by: fatii227 ^_^