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  • Your Love Will Go On (Stiles Stilinski Fan-Fiction)
    20.8K 694 46

    Casandra Argent is not an ordinary girl. Her parents were hunters. Her parents taught her to use a bow and arrow at a young age. Until one day she came from school and everything changed. She was sent to a foster home. Couple years later, she is sent to her Uncle house. She meets some unlikely friends. She finds out a...

  • Blood Moon > Stiles Stilinski
    15.6K 493 5

    Natalie was kidnapped. Taken for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. When she wakes up, all she remembers is her name and the pack of alphas who so rudely took her. When she stumbles into the road, bloodied and terrified, Scott McCall and his friends really don’t know what to think. As Natalie brings it to t...

  • I'm Not Her(TeenWolf)
    134K 2.9K 34

    Sadie Patterson didn't want anything that came with moving to Beacon Hills, she just wanted to move and graduate until she met a boy with a secret. Scott McCall can't help but falling in love with her but will he be able to let go of the past with Allison? When they find out that Sadie has some secrets of her own, wil...

  • Clarity (A Dylan O'brien fanfic)
    137K 2.7K 26

    If our love is tragedy why are you my clarity?

  • The Chance of Meeting You. (TeenWolfFanfic)
    59.5K 1K 33

    Samantha Williams is too normal to go to school at Beacon Hills, not a werewolf, not a werewolf hunter but she sure gets dragged into it when she moves to the small town. She doesn't want to take care of herself, she needs a hero. Stiles Stilinski could be that hero, or will he miss his chance?

  • To Be A McCall ~On Hold~
    10.8K 245 4

    This is the sequel of Scott's Little Sister (Stiles Stilinski Story). After being attacked by Peter, Kylie learns that she isn't the same. One scream is all that takes for her to learn she isn't normal anymore. Peter is dead and Derek became Alpha. More deaths are accuring. A new threat has come to Beacon Hills. An Ar...

  • Scott's Little Sister (Stiles Stilinski story)
    168K 3.2K 22

    Meet Kylie Mccall sister of Scott Mccall and friends with Stiles Stilinski. They had normal lifes but everything changed the night before sophmore year. Read to find out more. *season 1*

  • Teen Wolf Preferences
    5.6M 79.4K 260

  • Teen Wolf Preferences & Imagines
    1.5M 23.7K 101

    never frown. you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

    Completed   Mature
  • A very puppy senior year (Sterek) (Boyxboy) (completed)
    351K 8.7K 41

    Sequel to Life in a Puppy Pack. Summer's over, Deucalion is gone and the pack is positive about their senior year. But of course with a pack mom like Stiles, a bunch of childish werewolves that get a little too childish for comfort, an annoying uncle, some strange murders and secrets, nothing can possibly go as planne...

  • Life in a puppy pack (Sterek) (Boyxboy) (completed)
    323K 9.3K 27

    It's summer break, and Stiles is pack mom. The plan was to simply spend the summer in Dereks lake house, to relax and do some pack bonding. But things really don't go as planned when amnesia, kidnapping, proposals and a certain annoying uncle (not neccesarely in that order) decide to make this summer a little bit mor...

  • Love Bites *DISCONTINUED*
    8.9K 304 21

    Rian McCall. Genius Junior. Perfect grades, loving brother and friends, an outcast due to her jerk of an ex boyfriend. Secrets control her life. Isaac Lahey. Shy Junior. Not the smartest, not many friends. Hates his life pretty much. What happens when he can change it...

  • Be Careful Out There
    15.6K 368 16

    Ty Rose, the new girl at Beacon Hills High, meets someone named Isaac who catches her eye. After being in detention with her new friends Scott and Stiles, odd things start happening and mysterious murders occur. Could these killings be traced back to Ty?

  • Secret Lover
    67.2K 2K 40

    Danny's your average boy. Has cool and crazy friends, plays lacrosse, and well is gay. He thought he'd never met a guy but when Ethan and his twin brother Aiden move into town things change. Danny is drawn to the gay twin Ethan but doesn't know the truth. Ethan however is here to keep an eye on Danny and is s...

  • Appetite for Destruction - A Teen Wolf Fan Fiction
    163K 3.6K 41

    "Everyone in Beacon Hills knew about the fire at the Hale House. How it had killed all but four members of the entire family. They knew that years later, Laura had come back to be brutally murdered and Derek was taken into custody. They knew he was exonerated. They knew. What they didn't know was the truth behind it a...

  • The Sterek Story
    379K 8.6K 14

    The story of how Derek Hale and Stiles Stillinski from Teen Wolf became to be soulmates

  • Treacherous Affairs [Scisaac] Wattys2015 Winner
    1.6M 34.5K 54

    The Sequel to Dangerous Liaisons. BoyxBoy. 2015 Watty Award Winner. This is a story that centres around Scisaac but features Sterek heavily. Set two months after DL, Isaac and Scott still havent told Scott's mother about their relationship, despite having already said their "I love yous". Not only that, they haven't c...

  • Dangerous Liaisons [Sterek]
    2.7M 71.3K 32

    A Sterek fiction. When Derek realises that Stiles has become a trigger for him he tries to stay away. He knows that waiting until it passes is the best thing for both of them, but after being forced to stay together in a pool for hours Derek can't help but seek Stiles out. Little does he know that he is stirring somet...

  • Bleeding Out ▸ Stiles Stilinski (3)
    577K 17.3K 28

    ❝For Carson Bradley, Stiles Stilinski, and Scott McCall, they're used to having a plan B. They always have plan B. This time, however, they're merely pawns in a far more deadly game.❞ (teen wolf: season 3) (cmb series book #3)

  • Holding Out for a Hero ▸ Stiles Stilinski (2)
    893K 25.7K 33

    ❝As the lines between good and evil are blurred and new, unlikely alliances are formed, only one thing is keeping Carson sane: Stiles Stilinski. But sometimes, even sanity is not enough to win a war when there's already so much blood raining down.❞ (teen wolf: season 2) (cmb series book #2)

  • Both of Us ▸ Stiles Stilinski (1)
    1.7M 48.6K 32

    ❝Somewhere amidst bloodthirsty werewolves and vengeful hunters, Carson Bradley does the one thing she thought she never would: she falls for her best friend.❞ (teen wolf: season 1) (cmb series book #1)

  • Sticking To The Plan ➝ Isaac lahey/Stiles Stilinski
    107K 2K 18

    "Okay so you remember the plan?" "yeah." "Oh, one more thing. Do not fall in love during this plan. That's the last thing we need." ✄┄┄┄┄ Currently under EXTREME editing

  • Unraveling » Stiles Stilinski
    238K 7.5K 20

    ❝I wish that I didn't wake up with amnesia, so I could remember all the stupid little things❞ Who was she? No one knew. What was she? No one knew. ❦Follows Season 2 of Teen Wolf❦ ©SaskiaRose All Rights Reserved 2014 {I do not own Teen Wolf}

  • Hold Me in Your Arms ; S. Stilinski ; book 2
    85.7K 2.1K 14

    [writing in progress] Book 2 Time heals all wounds, but it can't bring anyone back from the dead. I do not own Teen Wolf or it's characters. Credit goes to Jeff Davis © voidash. All Rights Reserved. Cover © voidash

  • Little Memories ; S. Stilinski ; book 1
    473K 9.8K 32

    [completed writing and editing] book 1 He was Solis, and she was Luna, and she hated that name. [Season 3A and 3B] I don't own Teen Wolf. All credit goes to Jeff Davis. © voidash. All Rights Reserved. Cover © voidash

  • Skinny Love♥ (Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfic)
    855K 19.1K 50

    ❝ Come on skinny love what happened here ❞ There's only a couple of things Savannah Knight, new girl in town is sure of. One, that she came to this town looking for answers and the other being that she has feelings for her best friend. Stiles Stilinski is madly in love with his best friend, Savannah Knight. He loves h...

  • Oblivion (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfiction) [3]
    962K 19.1K 57

    "Into the mouth of oblivion I step. The sound echoing; like the beat of my heart. No turning back now, no room for regret. Each step, each length, closer to the dark. And yet for some reason a spark it ignites." The town of Beacon Hills is never exactly quiet. There is always something out there pushing against...

  • Scared to Death ✧Liam Dunbar✧[Book 1]
    1.5M 39.2K 39

    Love is all a little girl is supposed to feel. Never should she feel blood trickling down a cut on her cheek, a wound inflicted by her own father. But, most of the time, the latter is all Charlotte Lahey felt. That is until her brother, Isaac, got the bite, thrusting her into the world of the impossible. The town sh...

  • Lone Wolf (Teen Wolf Fan-fic)-COMPLETED
    126K 2.2K 24

    I'm Paige Stilinski, yes I'm Stiles Stilinski's twin sister (Don't remind me) this school year just turned crazy. After going into the wood in search for a dead body with my brother and his friend, Scott things start getting strange.Scott was bit by something. He said it was a wolf but that's impossible wolves haven't...