• The Bad Boy Stole My Bra
    • Cherry_Cola_x
    • 41 parts
    58.7M 1.3M

    Picture this: You wake up in the middle of the night, swamped in your star wars covers and completely and utterly groggy to the extent that you look like somet...

  • I Am Beautiful
    • iSpeakPoetry
    • 1 part
    • Updated 3 years ago
    237 22

  • Behind the Crazy
    • sprittals98
    • 11 parts
    110K 4.1K

    Ariana is just your average girl. She may be a little on the crazy side, but isn't everyone? She loves her life, and she loves it even more when new kid, Chase...

  • Stolen Jerseys
    • bradmcquaid
    • 44 parts
    7.8M 204K

    "she stole his jersey every day before practice." in which one sarcastic girl gives a too-cocky guy lessons in hockey, and things turn into so much more.

  • All I've Never Wanted [SAMPLE. To be published Summer 2015]
    • ACRL37
    • 36 parts
    • Updated 5 months ago
    17.2M 242K

    The Scions were the four richest, most powerful guys at Valesca Academy, and they ruled the school with iron fists. Everyone wanted to date them or be them...e...

  • Cherry Knots
    • hepburnettes
    • 15 parts
    5M 142K

    Because when the stars just don't seem to align, sometimes you have to take things into your own hands. No big gestures needed, nothing fancy, nothing grand. S...

  • 20 Reasons Why I Punched Him Right In The Face
    • nostalgiia
    • 12 parts
    • Updated 2 months ago
    55.5K 3.5K

    Let me make this very clear: He. Deserved. It. This is the story of how the perfect Clarissa Brays lost her shit.

  • roofs
    • nostalgiia
    • 11 parts
    13.6K 1.1K

    ❝there is one inevitable truth my dear: you always hurt the ones you love.❞