• The Bad Boy Stole My Bra
    68.7M 1.6M

    Picture this: You wake up in the middle of the night, swamped in your star wars covers and completely and utterly groggy to the extent that you look like somet...

  • I Am Beautiful
    247 25

  • Behind the Crazy
    115K 4.2K

    Ariana is just your average girl. She may be a little on the crazy side, but isn't everyone? She loves her life, and she loves it even more when new kid, Chase...

  • Stolen Jerseys
    8.5M 227K

    [watty 2015 winner for 'cover to cover'] "she stole his jersey every day before practice." in which one sarcastic girl gives a too-cocky guy lessons in hockey...

  • All I've Never Wanted [SAMPLE. To be published Summer 2015]
    • ACRL37
    • 36 Parts
    • Updated May 01, 2015 02:47PM
    17.3M 243K

    The Scions were the four richest, most powerful guys at Valesca Academy, and they ruled the school with iron fists. Everyone wanted to date them or be them...e...

  • 20 Reasons Why I Punched Him Right In The Face
    • nostalgiia
    • 12 Parts
    • Updated Aug 12, 2015 02:14PM
    61.5K 3.8K

    Let me make this very clear: He. Deserved. It. This is the story of how the perfect Clarissa Brays lost her shit.

  • roofs
    15.1K 1.2K

    ❝there is one inevitable truth my dear: you always hurt the ones you love.❞

  • Mama
    229K 7.7K

    "My Mama hates me. She's jealous of me. She hates me. She hates me." Read at your own caution. This is a dark story.

  • Project Fat Suit
    24.4M 465K

    Serena Davidson leads two lives. At school, she's a morbidly obese, stupid, nerdy, bitchy, slutty, and a teacher's pet. But at home she's the scrawny vegetaria...

  • Mr. Player, You've Just Been Played
    6.3M 65.3K

    While trying to get through high school, Carson has always noticed the same routine with Jesse - the school's 'player', as some like to say. He would leave cou...

  • oak
    187K 11.7K

    ❝they've gotten into the habit of calling her oak, though i don't understand why. she doesn't seem to mind, though, honestly, she doesn't seem to mind most th...

  • I Am Reese
    2.4M 69.1K

    Reese has always dreamed of being a YouTube star, but all she's done is make rant videos that she never posts. So when her younger sister finds them and puts t...

  • Madness In Literature
    422K 8.4K

    The first time Mel saw Dean was in an elective class called Madness in Literature. He had been sitting a few rows down in his green parka, writing furiously in...

  • Noah and Leigh
    1.3M 84.9K

    A collection of notes, a public library, two teenagers, and zero spoken communication.

  • The Accidental Tourists
    2.3M 69.9K

    Seventeen-year-old Charlie Kennedy has always been second-best compared to her older sister, Olivia. Now that Olivia is getting married to fancy-pants heir Sco...

  • Waist-Deep In Walmart
    9.3M 193K

    "As I sat on the toilet, I realized how badass I was being. First of all, I (kind of) broke into Walmart; Second, I was (kind of) plotting to steal toilet pape...

  • little things about you
    66.7K 5.1K

    ❝i'm so scared that i'll forget all those little things about you, the things that made you you, and me happy, and us perfect. so, instead of being scared, i t...

  • letters from s
    11.9K 897

    ❝i've learned that there's nothing like three in the morning with loud, old music and dark memories to drag the tears from within you.❞

  • hey jude
    32.1K 2.2K

    ❝hey jude, i would start this letter with dear jude, but i wouldn't want to lie, and the thing is, you're not very dear to me anymore, not at all.❞

  • a collection of poems
    500K 20.1K

    ❝poems that mean too much to me. and though i know why, i really wish i didn't.❞ poetry #6 and short story #36 (9/11/2013)

  • Mr. Popular and I
    85M 1.3M

    "You and I both know that any girl would kill to be in your position, with me, right now." He smirks, knowing that what he's said is completely and utterly tru...

  • Truth or Dare[WattyAwards2011--Slowly Editing]
    2M 20.3K

    **I AM SLOWLY EDITING THIS!!!** WARNING: This is in no way a fairy tale. Kylie's been living life as simply as possible with her childhood friends and no wor...

  • White is for Virgins
    1.1M 8.7K

    Emery Price was perfectly fine with being wallpaper. In fact, she applauded the idea. There was nothing she wanted more than to get through her senior year unn...

  • Bubblegum!
    3.1K 102

    These were made on this website: http://www.rinkworks.com/crazytales/crazytales.com and some others

  • The Bro Code
    16M 276K

    So my story was selected by Wattpad and @PPZmovie to receive a kick-ass zombified cover. Pretty cool, right? ****** Rule number 4: If a girl falls into the...