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  • And Then You Left
    16K 140 36

    Two person...grew apart for years. A past...they both can't deny or forget. Their story...full of unfortunate events. Their love...that was meant to last forever. Coincidences and faith...that entwined their lives again. Flaw in their plan...a new love, her way to hold onto life. And love...most powerful feeling in th...

  • WAIT! He's real?! [Available in Paperback Now!]
    1.9M 17.8K 23

    This is Avery's story. Her friends have challenged her to get a boyfriend. She failed. Instead of admitting her failure, she made up a boyfriend. Garrett Cross. He is perfect and everyone is dying to meet her new man. After a month of chaos and lies and pretending to be him, she meets the real Garrett when he is trans...

  • I Should Have Kissed You (MBLAQ FanFiction)
    12.6K 137 8

    What would happened if 4 friends went for the holidays to Korea and meet a few boys? Find out if they'll survive this holidays with or without the boys... (I hate making this descriptions...just read the story!) (MBLAQ FanFiction)

  • Hunger game spoof......:)(watty Awards 2012 )
    34.7K 808 35

    It's a spoof of the hunger games please enjoy. Btw I am fully aware of the TONS of spelling and grammar mistakes. I wrote this years ago and the only reason I haven't deleted it is because most people find it funny so please try and look past the actual writing... Thanks

  • He Made Even Pain Contagious
    10.5K 757 9

    An average person's reaction to someone who causes harm towards them is to run. Get as far away from that person as possible, to scream, to shout for help and if all else fails - resorting to self defense. But how could you run from that person when he's so beautiful that it hurts to look away? How could you scream w...

  • Catching Fire: What If Katniss Had Really Gotten Pregnant?
    359K 4.2K 17

    The seventy fourth annual Hunger Games are finished, Peeta and Katniss just got back from the tour, happy to be away from it all. But when Katniss begs Peeta to stay with her just one more night, something will happen that will change their lives forever. And it's not the quarter quell. What if, it hadn't just been a...

  • Kissed By My Angel~ Book One
    442K 6.5K 41

    Natalie went a little over her head this time. Her boyfriend Antonio, the man whose embrace was once so warm, is now turning out not being the radiant presence she imagined. A man who was once all hearts and flowers has turned stone cold. In fact, he's starting to become physically and emotionally abusive. For some re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prom Girl
    6.3K 62 23

    Sandy is known in the school for being hot. Known to everybody but herself. When her best friend Kira throws a competition for the juniors, Sandy is the only girl in the entire year who doesn't anticipate the event. Five seniors have to choose three girls each from the year below to go on a date with, and whichever gi...

  • The Bet
    3.6M 53.5K 31

    What if the only thing seperating you from your crush was a kiss? Amy never thought that she would be hanging out with the popular kids. But after having made a bet with Chris, Amy was determined to win. The challenge? He could get her to kiss him before the end of the term. Amy was sure that she would win. But after...

  • Never As It Seems
    7.7K 160 21

    Victoria Mitchell just lost her best friend, Jacen, in a tragic drunk driving accident. Jace threw himself in front of her in the last minute to save her from being smashed. Now he's dead and Victoria has to move on without him. Believing it will help her find some peace, Victoria's family moves to Jacksonville, Flori...

  • Kidnapped by... My Chemical Romance!?
    325K 8.8K 19

    [Book one] Sophie's birthday is here and Joey got them both 2 tickets to see MCR live! Cool right? Not until they witness something which would change both of their lives. They get taken by then band and held hostage, will they escape?