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  • flicker // peter parker
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    In which a young girl, Elenora, finds her father. And a curly-haired boy with a totally rockin' suit. disclaimer : i don't own marvel STEVE X OC!DAUGHTER BUCKY X OC!DAUGHTER elenora, Connor, Bridget, jade, Beatrice, Marley are my characters. plots are mine. Cover created + edited by @maddiewriter0108

  • Stage Lights ↠ h.s
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    Emma is a nineteen year-old sophomore in college, studying to be a veterinarian. She doesn't want to do that for the rest of her life: she wants to be an actress on Broadway. Harry doesn't want to be an actor. In fact, he's not good at acting at all. He takes acting classes twice a week because it's fun. He likes writ...

  • Losing the Light [h.s.]
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    Harry's jaw tightens, and she can see that he isn't focusing anymore. He picks up the pace of his steps, just like she had reminded him to do countless times before. To her surprise, he's doing it right this time. He is doing everything perfectly, but she can't figure out why he looks so tense all of a sudden. That's...

  • Correlation ⟫ h.s. {MAJOR EDITING}
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    she had a correlation with a boy named harry who showed her the truth while telling her lies.