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  • Putting the Pieces Together
    68.5K 1.4K 32

    When Ariana Grande loses 3 and a half years of her memory, what will happen? She doesn't remember being on Victorious, getting on a record deal, or how she dated Niall Horan. After they broke up, they stayed friends, but she doesn't remember any of that. And more importantly, who was the one who beat up Ariana? Who c...

  • Adopted By Elounor
    5.1M 111K 34

    {book 1 of the Adopted By Elounor series} Alex had no idea that when she entered a contest to spend a day with Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, that she would actually win. But when Louis catches Alex's stepdad, Chad, in the act of abusing the young girl, he knows he can't leave her... So him and...