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  • Richard Armitage Imagines
    21.1K 898 44

    Oh yes, a compilation of Thorin Oakenshield & Richard Armitage imagines haha. Finally. Haha hope you all like this!

    Completed   Mature
  • The King of Starlight and Lullabies (Thranduil x OC fanfic)
    52.5K 2.7K 21

    Caledra is a low class Silvan elf who dreams of doing something grander than her current job as dockmaster, running cargo to and from ships all day. She dreams of adventure and danger, of romance and the luxury she had never been permitted. However, when she sneaks into a party she was never intended to be at, she...

  • The Silversmith's Daughter
    22.7K 887 21

    Miridian Firechisler is the daughter of the Elven King's new silversmith, and when she is sent to deliver the King's swords, she catches his eye. She develops a fondness for Thranduil as well, but she has a secret. A secret that she knows he would not take kindly to. Will she reveal her secret and face Thranduil, or w...

  • The King's Heart (Thranduil Fanfiction)
    193K 6.8K 65

    Being a king is hard. Raising a son is hard. Living with eternal grief is hard. King Thranduil is just trying to keep his kingdom running and his son safe when an elf is found with orcs at the border of Greenwood. Who could this mysterious elf truly be? But then the elf he rescued in the forest grows closer to Legola...

  • The IRE of Winter
    37.9K 3.2K 69

    COMPLETED/Edited 13/01/2017 Adventure. Action. Romance. Dragons! Once, Gandalf hired a burglar, now he needs a scout! It was a simple task, nothing more than spying upon treacherous lands. But Safirah felt she was meant to do something more. Running away from home she followed Gandalf and his company to Bree and took...

  • Leventis ⚜ Thorin Oakenshield
    4.8K 179 36

    ⚜ "ι αм ησ єℓƒ!" ⚜ Casadon Erik is a bounty hunter who goes by the name 'Leventis' meaning undisclipined youth. One that earns money by slaughtering people by being told who to kill. A quest is to take place and Casadon desires the riches that lay ahead. Strikingly, 'getting along' with the company's leader: Thorin Oa...

  • The White Rider - (Thorin Oakshield) -- traduzione italiana
    2.6K 199 16

    | storia originale di @too-sarcastic | Un mezzo nano e mezzo elfo vaga per la Terra di Mezzo nascondendosi nel proprio mantello bianco. Nessuno conosce la sua identità, solo le storie che vengono narrate. Questo essere viene chiamato 'Il Cavaliere Bianco': è noto per essere il più bravo spadaccino ed arciere della Ter...

  • Your Hands Are Cold
    72.3K 2.4K 21

    Maeneth considered becoming Thranduil's personal seamstress after the death of her grandfather, her last blood relative, as her salvation. But as every Sindarin elf knows, the king is a very difficult person to deal with. Young Maeneth encounters obstacles that she will have to endure, such as the king's wrath and poo...

  • Words Like Wind ᚠ Thorin Oakenshield
    99.7K 3.4K 32

    ᏇᎧᏒᎴᏕ ᏝᎥᏦᏋ ᏇᎥᏁᎴ A Thorin Oakenshield Story "The things we love destroy us every time, lad. Remember that." Fairies are one of the oldest race of beings in Arda. Fair and wise, but quick to anger. They were once guardians of the Pillar of the Heavens on the great island of Númenor. As a sworn guardian the oath t...

  • Ravonna The White (Book 1 of the Daughters of Durin Trilogy)
    86K 2.9K 47

    The time has come. Erebor still lies within the Lonely Mountain, and Smaug has not been sighted for years. The regal line of Durin must reclaim their homeland once more. But, when Gandalf the Grey tasks Ravonna the White, the greatest sorceress of Middle Earth, to join the Company, she faces many great obstacles that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sister Baggings
    44.3K 1.6K 26

    In which Berylla Baggins goes on an adventure or In which a hobbit falls for a Dwarf King Book 1 & 2 (3 is coming up) disclaimer; I do not own The hobbit

  • Stars of Varda - An Elven Love Story (Thranduil)
    181K 12K 53

    [A Wattpad FEATURED story!] She's been King Thranduil's close friend for a long time. But when a shocking rumor about his past comes to light, it shakes her entire world. How well does she really know him? With the threat of war and an uncertain future for the Woodland Realm, her comfortable life is changing forever...

  • the greatest love (the hobbit)
    73.4K 1.9K 42

    love is like a game, you can win it or lose it, or you just don't understand it. the elven king is cold hearted, after the death of his beloved wife, she left him without an heir to the throne, his heart is broken but will he risk it all for love? he has a second chance to love. will he learn to love at any cost? Evel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lord Of The Rings And The Hobbit Imagines
    217K 5.2K 133

    Imagines About The Hottest Elves,Dwarves and Men From Lord Of The Rings. The Book Is Currently Being Edited. ❤

  • Loyalty and Love (Hobbit FanFic)
    10.7K 466 26

    Two decades ago a young bane was found on the outskirts of Gondor by the 15 year old Earnur son of Earnil King of Gondor. This young bane was brought back to palace, where she grew up to become a fierce and beautiful young girl with certain abilities unlike no other. Four years have now past since any word or sighting...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Story of Us (Fili/The Hobbit)
    136K 4.4K 44

    Every story has an end, but in life every ending is just a new beginning.

  • The King's Daughter
    17.7K 623 15

    Rosie is the only daughter of Thorin Oakenshield, her mother was killed by Azog or so everyone thought Rosie joins her father on the quest to reclaim their homeland.

  • Endotherm {Thorin/Hobbit}
    96.4K 4.2K 44

    "The world was young, the mountains green, No stain yet on the Moon was seen, No words were laid on stream or stone When Durin woke and walked alone. He named the nameless hills and dells; He drank from yet untasted wells; He stooped and looked in Mirrormere, And saw a crown of stars appear." You could say Endor Baggi...

  • Saving Durin {Hobbit/Thorin}
    211K 8.7K 73

    My following words of yore and spite may shock you to the very core. They acknowledge a fact known to few, and even less, known to heart. But please, by the whim of mind and patience of soul, I beseech you to listen all the clear. Tolkien's tale of Middle Earth has fallen from its original translation. His story of...

  • Devotion (Thorin/OC)
    129K 4.9K 35

    She goes by many names; the fearless one...blood runner...chain breaker. She has lived through many things. She had seen many faces. But will any of this help her when Gandalf seeks her help in a quest. She constantly struggles to contain the beast within her, and with her nerves constantly on edge, she may not be abl...

  • To Live Again {Lord of the Rings/ThranduilXOC Fanfiction}
    215K 8.7K 43

    Book I of the 'To Live Again' Saga In the modern world Clara Riley experiences a life changing event...death! Usually this means the end of living, but this quirky art student gets the shock of her life when she wakes up in Greenwood the Great...when she should be dead...and not in a fictional world? Meanwhile in...

  • Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Haldir Fanfic) *wattys2015* (book 1)
    11.7K 456 19

    Lalaith Nienor grew up in a little village about a three hour walk for Lothlorien. One sunny day, her life changed forever. An Orc raid destroyed her village and her parents. With her dying breath, her mother told Lalaith and Beleniel to run and to go to Lothlorien. Running for their lives, they run into the guards of...

  • Frostbound love
    208K 7.5K 35

    Thranduil Elven king of Mirkwood finds a trespassor in his kingdom. Has an ancient and deadly race of creatures finally come our of hiding? Who or what has dared entered his domain? What happens when he meets someone who doesnt fear him? Can this shapeshifter stay a step ahead of such an old and powerful elf? Can she...

  • I am the Enemy (Thranduil Fanfic)
    20.1K 790 30

    She was an evil elf who had never known love, nor did she plan to. She was raised with orcs and the black speech. When Elrond "rescues" her she meets an old enemy she did not have the heart to kill long ago. Does she still have that heart or has it been destroyed along with her life.... All rights reserved to JRR Tol...

  • Bard of Laketown
    144K 5.6K 48

    Areya, a young Elf, has escaped Mirkwood, only to find that outside of the kingdom, the world is frightening and different. When she is brought to Laketown by a mysterious man by the name of Bard, she wonders if leaving Mirkwood was the right choice to make. Meanwhile, a company of dwarves journeys to Erebor to try an...

  • Daughter of Fire *Legolas*
    3.7K 234 13

    *Cover art goes to @SineadRobyn* Morraen Firestorm. An elleth born in Eryn Vorn in a firestorm. In the middle of another firestorm, ten years later, brought on by the forces of Sauron, her father and mother were killed, no one knows how she survived. Morraen was brought up by a Dùnedain ranger who knew her father. Mor...

  • The Unexpected Companion [The Hobbit]
    102K 3.1K 39

    Delve into the world of hobbits, dwarves and elves from the eyes of dwarf Leana as she embarks on a journey to help save the dwarven kingdom. ( Any ideas not present within the novel 'The Hobbit' written by J.R.R.Tolkien or in the movie directed by Peter Jackson are of my own creation and are therefore copyrighted ©...

  • The Forsaken(A Thorin Oakenshield Love Story)
    130K 4.7K 28

    Banished from her village as a small child for being an abomination to her people, Estelmist, half dwarf half fire elf, fled into the night, journeying through Middle Earth until she is found by Gandalf the Gray, who takes her to a friend, who trains her to become a legend. When her caretaker is killed, Estelmist trav...

  • Heart of Gold [Thorin Oakenshield]
    11.4K 436 42

    Dania and Thorin have known each other ever since they were kids. When the dragon attacks Erebor, they have to leave and find a new home. They pass more and more time with each other and they fall in love. But Thorin wants to keep this love secret, which Dania does not understand. When Thorin tells her that he is goi...